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Top 10 Worst Hunger Countries in the World

Top 10 Worst Hunger Countries in the World



The population of Nigeria in West Africa is more than 200 million but the problem of poverty is very high here. People do not have money so hunger is going to be seen increasing with every day. According to the latest report, Nigeria’s Global Hunger Index (GHI) Score has come out to be 29.2. People do not get food on time and every year millions of people die here only due to starvation. In this way in terms of the hunger index today, this country comes in the serious category.


The situation in Afghanistan is very bad. Although 20 years ago its score was seen going beyond 50, today its condition is better since that time but the last one to two years were very bad for it. In Afghanistan whose population is around 38.5 million, most of the people suffer from poverty and hunger. People do not get food on time because there is a lot of corruption in the country and war has also started here due to which the condition of the country has worsened.



With a population of around 2,124,000, Lesotho is a less known country in southern Africa having many mountains and spectacular natural beauty. People here are jobless and poverty is very high. According to statistics, more than 60,000 people lost their lives in 2021 alone due to poverty and starvation. The GHI Index of Lesotho is 30.07.


Sierra Leone is a wonderful country in West Africa whose population is only 7.8 million but you’ll find an extreme level of poverty in this country. Today the child mortality rate is also very high that is many children here become victims of starvation at the age of 5 to 7 years. The GHI Score of Sierra Leone is 30.09 and this means it also comes in the serious hunger index category.



Liberia is a country in West Africa in which more than half of the population will be found to be victims of starvation or poverty. In this country with a population of 5 million you’ll get to see a lot of natural beauty but the corrupt government has pushed the country down completely. Today very few people know this country and it is a very underrated country because of poverty. Today in Liberia you will get to see GHI score of 31.04.


Mozambique is an African country with more than half of its population today suffering from extreme levels of poverty. More than half of the population has never used electricity in Life. The total population of this east African country is 30.4 million and today Mozambique’s GHI Score is 33.1. With this score, it comes in the list of serious categories of hunger index.



Haiti is a Caribbean country and a few years ago today its condition was not that bad. People used to live average level life but in the last 10 to 15 years, this country has gone down a lot. Ironically this country belongs to North America the continent on which is the top developed countries like the United States and Canada. Although natural beauties and beaches are amazing in this country, more than sixty percent of the population in Haiti has become a victim of starvation today. Here today, you’ll get to see the latest GHI Score of 33.5 and with the score, it becomes the fourth worst level country in the world according to the hunger index.


Madagascar is a country in East Africa and its population is about 20.7 million. Although you’ll get to see its infrastructure a little better than most African countries, people are much backward here that even today the maximum population does not know about internet. This is because their entire focus is not on luxury but on food, their basic need never seems to be fulfilled so today’s GHI Score of Madagascar is 36 and with this score, this country comes in the list of alarming hunger index.



Timor Leste is an Asian country and the population of this country present in South East Asia is only 1.3 million. Although people are a little educated and they know a lot about the world too but by poverty and starvation its level is very high. Due to high corruption, the country could not progress much so today hunger is breaking its all records. Today the GHI of Timor Leste has come out to be 37.6, in this way it becomes the second worst level country in the world according to the hunger Index.

1.  CHAD

Chad country is located in central Africa which is known and recognized by the whole world as the Republic of Chad. The problem of hunger is very high in this country with a population of about 16.1 million. The hunger is so great that people do not get food. Every year more than 150,000 people fall ill due to starvation. Chad’s GHI Score for today is 44.7 and becomes the world’s worst level country according to the hunger index.