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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Kenya

Tourist Attractions in Kenya, Lake Nakuru

Kenya is a nation of dramatic extremes and timeless contrasts that is well known for its classic savanna safaris. Deserts and snow-covered mountains; forests and wide-open plains; Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, and vibrant tribal societies; freshwater lakes and coral reefs.

For many people, Kenya is a miniature version of East Africa. While other activities in Kenya include hiking Mount Kenya, hot air ballooning above the Masai Mara, and snorkeling in Malindi on the Indian Ocean coast, wildlife safaris have long been the country’s major draw for tourists.

10. Nairobi National Park

Approximately a barrier separates the park’s wildlife from the city; Nairobi National Park is only 10 minutes’ drive from the city’s heart. Skyscrapers in Nairobi may be viewed from the park.

Nairobi National Park has a huge and diverse population of wildlife despite being close to the city and being relatively small.

During the dry season, migratory wildebeest and zebra congregate in the park, which is also one of Kenya’s most effective rhinoceros sanctuaries.

Nairobi National Park

9. Malindi

Malindi, with its vast coral reefs and lovely beaches, makes a lovely beginning to the coastal tourist attractions in Kenya. Other water sports include surfing, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and others.

Fine beaches, crystal-clear water, and an array of vibrant fish may be found at the protected Malindi Marine National Park. A domestic airport and a road connecting Mombasa and Lamu serve Malindi.


8. Mount Kenya

After Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya is the second-highest mountain in Africa. It is also the tallest mountain in Kenya. The peak has a lovely view. Its mountain range has snow-capped peaks, while forest grows on its slopes.

The peak, which rises to a height of 5199 meters (17,057 feet), requires technical skill; nonetheless, several lower summits are accessible to any healthy hiker.

Mount Kenya

7. Samburu National Reserve

Northern Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve is a tranquil national park. The Uaso Nyiro River that runs through it and the blend of grassland and woodland plants draw wildlife to the area.

Along with elephants, buffalo, and hippos, this area is home to all three of the big cats: lion, cheetah, and leopard. Numerous Nile crocodiles can be found in the Uaso Nyiro River.

Samburu National Reserve

6. Hell’s Gate National Park

An ancient lake that provided food for early humans in the Rift Valley previously flowed through the tiny park known as Hell’s Gate National Park. Among Kenya’s wildlife parks, it is exceptional in that you are permitted to bike or walk without a guide. Basalt columns, gorges, and steep cliffs make for stunning vistas.

Although many species are rare, the national park is home to a broad range of animals. Lions, leopards, and cheetahs are a few examples of rarely seen animals.

Hell's Gate National Park

5. Lamu Island

The Lamu Archipelago in Kenya includes Lamu Island, which has escaped the heavy tourism that has affected much of the country’s shoreline. Lamu Town, the oldest continuously inhabited town in Kenya, has maintained all of its beauty and personality over the years.

There aren’t many motorized cars on Lamu Island because there are only alleyways and pathways there, not highways. Donkeys are employed to deliver materials and commodities, and residents commute by foot or boat.

Lamu Island

4. Tsavo National Park

The biggest national park in Kenya and among the biggest in the world is Tsavo. The park was separated into Tsavo West and Tsavo East due to its size.

While Tsavo East has more open savannah than its western brother, Tsavo West features stunning landscapes with a rolling volcanic topography.

Kenya’s Tsavo National Park is the best place to go if you want to be alone, have privacy, and have the ability to explore the nature.

Tsavo National Park

3. Lake Nakuru

In the center of Kenya, there is a lake called Lake Nakuru. Numerous lesser flamingos are drawn to the lake’s profusion of algae, often in the thousands of thousands at once.

Flamingos are one of Kenya’s main tourist attractions and are frequently referred to be the world’s biggest bird spectacle. Sadly, environmental deterioration and pollution have led to a decline in the number of flamingos at Lake Nakuru in recent years.

Lake Nakuru

2. Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park is a very modest park situated at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain, close to the Tanzanian border.

The park is renowned for being the best location in Africa to come up close to elephants that are roaming freely. The Amboseli National Park also offers the chance to interact with Maasai tribes and breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Amboseli National Park

1. Masai Mara National Reserve

Kenya’s most well-known wildlife park and one of the country’s major tourist destinations is the Masai Mara National Reserve.

Thousands of people travel to the Masai Mara National Reserve every year to view the abundant wildlife and the yearly migration of zebra and wildebeest. Every year, from July through October, the “Great Migration” of zebra and wildebeest from Tanzania’s Serengeti takes place.

Masai Mara National Reserve

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