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Top 10 Most Populated Counties in Kenya


The constitution of Kenya 2010 gave birth to the creation of counties. Counties are relatively smaller than the previous provinces but are quite larger than districts. These counties are administrated by governors who are elected by voters in a given county and they serve for a period of five years and are limited to just two tems. A governor chooses his own cabinet and have full budget for various development agenda.

What are the most populated counties in Kenya?

1. Nairobi 

By size, Nairobi is the third-smallest county occupying just 696 square kilometres. However, it is the county with the highest population at 4,397,073. Nairobi county hosts the capital city. There are 17 constituencies in Nairobi.

2. Kiambu

Kiambu County is found in the original Central province and it has a population of 2,417,735, with women being the majority at 1,230,454 while men are 1,187,146, and intersex at 135. Kiambu’s high population can be attributed to it being at border with Nairobi.

3. Nakuru

This new City county is the most populated county in Rift Valley with a population of 2,162,202 people. Again, women are the majority with a population of 1,084,835 and men being 1,077,272.

4. Kakamega

The Kakamega County is located in the former Western Province and is the most populated county in the Western Kenya belt at a population of of 1,867,579 people where 970,406 women, 897,133 men, and intersex at 40.

5. Bungoma

It is also a Western Kenya county. Bungoma has a population of 1,670,570, with females being the majority at 858,389, males at 812,146, and intersex at 35.

6. Meru

Meru, known for the growing of Miraa is the sixth most populated county with a population of 1,545,714, comprising of 777,975 females, 767,698 males, and 41 intersex.

7. Kilifi

Found in former Coast province, Kilifi County is the most populated county in the region with a population of 1,453,787 people, where 749,673 are females, 704,089 are males, and 25 are intersex.

8. Machakos 

It has a population of 1,421,932 people, made of 711,191 females, 710,707 males, and 34 are intersex.

9. Kisii

There are 1,266,860 people in Kisii, where 661,038 are females, 605,784 are males, and 35 are intersex.

10. Mombasa

Mombasa is the smallest county in Kenya by size at 229.7 square kilometres, but it is the tenth most populous county in Kenya with a population of 1,208,333 people, of which 610,257 are males, 598,046 are females, and 30 are intersex.


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