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Top 10 largest counties in Kenya by area


Kenya is divided into 47 counties according to the Constitution 2010. The counties are headed by governors who are elected by voters in that given county. They have their own cabinet and budget allocations. In terms of size by area, here are the largest counties in Kenya;

Turkana County

Turkana is the largest county in terms of land area. It measures 71,597.8 km2 in size (Km2), which equates to 17,692,201.68 acres. It is situated to the north western part of Kenya bordering South Sudan.


Marsabit is the second-largest county in Kenya with land size of 66,923.1 (Km2), which translates to approximately 16,537,058.154 acres. It is located in northern Kenya bordering Ethiopia.


Wajir County is the country’s third largest county. Its land area is 55,840.6 (Km2), or approximately 13,798,512.76 acres.


Garissa County is the fourth largest county in Kenya. This county is located in the North-Eastern region and has a land area of 45,720.2 km2, which converts to around 11,297,707.46 acres.

Tana River

Tana River is the fifth largest county in terms of land area, according to Ministry of Devolution data. It is around 35,375.8 (Km2) or 8,741,550.553 acres.


Mandera County is the sixth largest county in the arid and semi-arid region. Mandera County has a land area of 25,797.7 square kilometers (6,374,750.499 acres).


Isiolo County has a land area of 25,336.1 square kilometers (6,260,686.655 acres).


Kitui County has a land area of 24,385.1 square kilometers (6,025,689.438 acres).


Land area in Kajiado County is 21,292.7 km2 (6,025,689.438 acres).


This is the tenth largest county in the United States. Samburu County has a total land area of 20,182.5 km2, or 4,987,204.361 acres.


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