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Top 10 Interior Design Schools in Kenya

Interior Design Schools

Interior design is one of the quickest developing fields of study in Kenya and the past. Probably the best interior design schools in Kenya have just released their potential by graduating a few gifted students. The region of interior design is figured exceptionally for pulling in very capable students with an eye on design. Graduates from this major have shaken the market with a rise above design thoughts making home living beneficial.

Kenyan interior design schools are yet to gain sufficient publicity outside major cities. Graduates from this study benefit from lucrative contracts and functional design jobs as they meet new clients. The interior design industry is rapidly evolving making its studies viable and marketable. Schools offering diploma in interior design in Kenya have considerably grown in the recent past in response to the surging market demand. Prospective interior design students now stand a higher chance to enroll in prolific local institutions unlike before.

A career in interior design is timely and promising given the aggressive expansion of commercial and residential real estate structures. The thought of becoming an interior designer is far-reaching and calls for an excellent school to become a reality. Pursuing a course in interior design is critical when it comes to the mode of learning adopted in a school of choice. All design studies are practical; learners must be keen to enroll in a fully equipped institution to make sure they get value for their time and money.

When deciding on the school to enroll for interior design studies, learners should carefully assess the training programs offered, job prospects, and future career developments. These considerations are essential, particularly for career-oriented learners.

Interior design career. Schools of interior design in Kenya

Schools offering interior design in Kenya are now many. Even this high number of schools, many people still do not understand the role of interior design given it is a new major in the Kenyan market. Interior designers offer their services as freelancers or on a contractual basis. Most interior designers opt to specialize in different areas including corporate work-spaces, home design, and green spaces. It is technically optional for designers to partner with an agent or offer stand-alone services. In essence, interior designers serve to create ample working and living spaces for clients. Below is a list of high-end institutions you might consider in your quest for knowledge in Interior design.

Top 10 Interior Design Schools in Kenya

Certificate and diploma studies in interior design and decoration are now available in top interior design schools in Kenya. These studies are offered readily in local colleges and universities. Here are the best ten institutions offering courses in Interior Design and Decoration in Kenya.

1. Technical University of Kenya – Degree studies

Technical University of Kenya (TUK) is among the few Kenyan higher learning institutions offering interior design studies at degree level. A Bachelor of Arts degree at TUK takes up to four academic years of research before completion.

Course requirements

  • Applicants must have a mean of C+ in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education or
  • Have a recognized diploma in arts
  • Availability for full-time studies

The Technical University of Kenya also offers interior design and decoration studies at Certificate level. Eligible applicants must meet all the following requirements;

  • Must have attained a minimum grade of D+ in their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.
  • Must attend a yearlong program to earn the certificate
  • Available for full-time study mode

2. University of Nairobi – Degree studies

UoN is a top-ranking higher learning institution reasonably featured among the best public African universities. UoN takes pride in its interior design academic programs among other courses. The institution accepts students with the following qualifications;

  • The aggregate score of C+ in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, and a mean of C+ in English/Kiswahili, and Math or
  • Mean score of C- in KCSE and a relevant diploma/certificate qualification from a recognized institution
  • Mean KCSE score of C and a diploma from UoN
  • A degree from a Senate recognized university

3. Maseno University – Degree studies

Maseno is a premier higher learning institution in Interior design. Interestingly, Interior design learners at Maseno University get additional exposure to Information Technology studies as a plus token. This four-year, full-time course is titled “Bachelor of Arts (Interior Design) – with IT and is offered at the main campus. Maseno has severally featured in prominent schools of interior design in Kenya. For more detail about the program reach the school through varsity contacts:

  • +254 – 57 – 351620/22
  • Fax: +254 – 57 – 351221
  • E-mail: vc@maseno.ac.ke.

4. Nairobi Institute of Technology – Diploma studies

Nairobi Institute of Technology is a preferred institution for Interior design and decoration studies offered at the diploma level. This competitive course is provided at NIT main campus for three years on a full-time basis. Eligible applicants are expected to pay an average fee of about KSh 43,000 every semester to settle their study costs.

Nairobi Institute of Technology accepts applicants with an aggregate score of C- in KCSE. Similarly, the institution takes applicants with a certificate in Building Construction, Art and Design, and Architecture. Shortlisting of learners is done wholly on the merit of academic performance as opposed to else. For this reason, only applicants with a minimum grade of C- in Kiswahili/English are acceptable.

5. Kenyatta University – Diploma studies

Research, teaching, and development are three fundamental academic drivers in the department of architecture, and interior design at Kenyatta University. The varsity is keen to train interior designer acquainted with modern structural finish design, both internal and external. Innovation is another key goal of Interior Design diploma studies at Kenyatta University.

Kenyatta University is equipped readily with adequate spaces, wood workshops, spacious lecture halls, libraries, and labs among others.

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6. Catholic University of Eastern Africa – Diploma studies

The Catholic University of East Africa is reputable for quality training in interior design and decoration. The application criteria in this premier institution are competitive and favor talented and knowledgeable applicants regardless. The university accepts learners with a mean of C and above.

7. Machakos University – Diploma studies

Machakos University is one of the major constituent of Kenyatta University accepting government-sponsored and self-sponsored learners. Since its inauguration as a higher learning institution in 2011, Machakos University diploma studies in interior design and decoration have maintained a top-notch. For the record, Machakos university has attracted several interior design learners from various parts of the country to pursue a diploma in the course.

8. Kirinyaga University – Certificate studies

Kirinyaga university college offers studies in interior design and decoration at its Karatina Town Campus. The varsity requires applicants to meet the following requirements for eligibility in pursuit of the course.

  • The holder of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Bear qualifications recognized by the varsity Senate, School of Hospitality and Textile technology.
  • The university also requires learners to avail themselves wholly for a year study duration

9. Egerton University – Certificate studies

Egerton University is a pioneering institution offering interior design and decoration studies through its town campus based in Nakuru Town. The branch runs along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway on Morara Avenue. The school is equipped highly with training facilities including four computer laboratories, a modernized library with inbuilt cybercafé, spacious lecture halls, and cafeteria for its learners. Most important, this learning center is highly accessible and secure.

10. Ashley’s Beauty College – Certificate studies

Ashley is one of the fast-growing Interior design schools in Nairobi Kenya. The institution operates on the 4th Floor in Lyric House along Kimathi Street, Nairobi County. Ashley’s Beauty College has gained commendable public trust in academic quality. For more information contact the management through their telephone 020341192/3 or post them through P.O BOX 57332.

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