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Top 10 Hottest Places in the World

Top 10 Hottest Places in the World

10. Bandar e mahashahr IRAN

Bandar e mahashahr IRAN

As of July 2015, Iranian bandar e mahashahr has recorded the hottest temperature ever at 51 degrees Celsius. The city is a port city for important trade activities. The city is the capital of the of the kuzestan, state of Iran. Mahashahr has a population of around 163,000. It is a liberal city so no one has to live here permanently.

9. Wadi Halfa, SUDAN

Wadi Halfa, SUDAN

Iran’s city of Wai Halfa is located in the banks of Lake Nubian in Sudan. It does not rain at all throught the year, especially in the summer months that is between May and September. The Wadi Halfa turns into a burning furnance. The highest recorded temperature so far is 53 degrees Celsius which occurred in April 1967. Due to so much temperature, the land here is not only barren but it also appears to be melting.


Tirat Zvi is a religious city in Israel located on the west of the Jordan River in Israel’s Beit Shean valley. Being near the Jordan River, the land here is extremely fertile and so most of the people here are farmers. The town is about 720 feet below sea level. In June 1942, the temperature here was recorded at 53.8 degrees Celsius.

7. Timbuktu, MALI

Timbuktu, MALI

Timbuktu, a city in Mali in the south of the Saharan desert remains warm even in winter even in the month of January, the temperature here remains above 30 degrees Celsius. Timbuktu is an old city in the north of the Niger River. It was once a famous trade destination in Africa but after severe famine in the 70s, it became completely lifeless and barren. There are about 60,000 living in the city, temperatures up to 54.4 degrees Celsius have been recorded in summer.

6. Ghadames, LIBYA

Ghadames Libya is an oasis city present in the southern western part of the country. Oasis is usually a place surrounded by greenly even though it is present in the middle of the desert. Ghadames has also been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO because of the old earthly houses built here. The population here is about 10,000 most of who live in thick walled houses made of mud to combat the deadly heat here. The highest temperature recorded here is 55 degrees Celsius. Being an oasis town it is often called The Pearl of the Desert.

5. Kebili, TUNISIA

Kebili is a small city in the country of Tunisia in the north of Africa. It is the oldest oasis town in Tunisia. According to scientists, humans first came into the city about 2000 years ago. The highest temperature recorded in Kebili till date is 55 degrees Celsius.

4. Death Valley, CALIFORNIA

Death Valley, CALIFORNIA

Death Valley is located in California, USA where the highest area temperature has been recorded. There is always a hot summer here but in the year 1913, the highest temperature recorded here was at 56.7 degrees Celsius in which it is impossible for any human being to survive. It is really a valley of death, here you’ll find haunted cities at every place where there is only home but there is no one to stay. The rain in the Death Valley of America is almost nil and due to this now Death Valley is considered a very dangerous place.

3. Al Aziziah, LIBYA

Al Aziziah was formerly the capital of Jafara province which is located 25 miles to the south of Tripoli and one time Aziziah was the hottest place on earth when highest temperature was recorded at 58 degrees Celsius in 1922. This was later considered a false claim and the city was removed from the list of the hottest places in 2012 due to lack of proper information. Today some cities are hotter and drier than Aziziah of Libya. The temperature of this place still remains above 48 degrees Celsius during summer days.

2. Flaming Mountains, XINJIANG CHINA

The flaming mountain here is also known for its warm areas. In 2008, the temperature recorded here was at 66.8 degrees Celsius. This is the highest temperature of the earth recorded measured in 2008.

1.  Dasht-e-lut, IRAN

Dasht-e-lut, IRAN

The surface temperature of the Dasht-E-Lut desert of Iran is the hottest ground temperature of this planet. Between 2003 and 2009, the maximum temperature was found to be 70.7 degrees Celsius from the measurements made by satellites by the US Space agency NASA. It is impossible for any human or any animal to be alive at such a high temperature.