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Top 10 highest paying professions in Kenya

highest paying professions

Attaining a career that pays fine in Kenya can be a little challenging due to the dynamism in the job market. Nevertheless, when one attains a well-paying job, they positively aim higher for more. There are some events where a person has more than two well-paying jobs besides performing business as a boost. Some of the highest paying professions in Kenya include:


Persons in the aviation industry, particularly pilots and the cabin crew members are some of the best-paid professionals crosswise the world. Perhaps this could be connected to how precious aviation course is. At one time, Kenya Airways (KQ) CEO Sebastian Mikosz, informed a parliamentary committee that senior KQ staff in the rank of captain received an normal monthly salary of Ksh1.6 million. Nevertheless, salaries of pilots change according to the kind of aircraft they fly and how lasting they have been at an airline. The median yearly salary for the pilot of a jumbo jet is powerful.

Media presenters

Media celebrities notably news anchors and radio presenters are carrying home immeasurable money. It is concluded that some take-home between Ksh350,000 to Ksh1 million pay a month. Even though journalism is one of the common coveted and high earnings-generating careers, one has to earn their name before springing to conceal good money.

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Information Technology

Every day, more organizations in Kenya are adopting technology, thus the need to hire IT, experts. This has widened the industry, hence supplying more professions in this field. An experienced IT specialist in a good-paying company in Kenya can receive up to Ksh500,000 salary a month.


Operating Software Engineering Bachelor’s Degree owners in Kenya receive up to Ksh142,500 per month while remarkable Civil Engineers receive between Ksh130,000 and Ksh180,000 a month. Oil and Gas engineering which is only administered at the University of Nairobi and Mount Kenya University also rewards magnanimously. The offset salary of an engineer at the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) is over Ksh120,000 and regularly, the Kenya Airways majorly hires mechanical, electrical and aeronautical engineers. An engineer’s salary depends on the sort of firm one is hired.


Even though the marketing field can be inconstant, built marketers assuredly make prosperity out of their careers. Marketers savoring their careers are majorly those in insurance firms, advertisement industries, and banks.

Accounting, Finance

Accountants and Finance managers are the keepers of a company’s funds. A person operating in Accounting and Finance in Kenya typically receives around Kah143,327 per month with an Auditing Manager concealing roughly Ksh209,276 a month, comprehensive of housing, transport, and other advantages. Nevertheless, salaries vary drastically between various Accounting and Finance jobs.

NGO and Civil Society groups

Non-governmental organizations are some of the employers who offer some of the most contentious salaries in the job market depending on their means. For example, you will discover a position demanding little experience giving at least Ksh60,000 a month in an NGO, with others going up to Ksh100,000 at entry-level. Some of the well paying NGOs in Kenya include Oxfam, UN, USAID, Care International, Amnesty International, Amref among others.


It is a field that solely accommodates bright students in schools. An entry salary for a medical intern maybe not feebler than Ksh45,000. This grows as one proceeds with the career with working medical doctors heading home in simpers each month.


Many politicians enter politics for wealth and authority due to a perception that it is one of the speediest avenues to riches. In Kenya, an MCA pocket Ksh150,000 a month minus grants, governors earn Ksh924,000, MPs earn Ksh710,000 per month while the President takes home Ksh1 million a month, all these minus allowances. Those who make good money in the legislative scene also incorporate political analysts, political lawyers, political activists, scholars, commentators, and political advisors.