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Top 10 Countries With Low Number of Marriages

Top 10 Countries With Low Number of Marriages


This country of Europe has now fully adopted modernization, people no longer understand the absolute importance of Marriage in Portugal. You’ll see people here living in a living relationship. It’s quite normal for them to have children without marriages. According to statistics, about 27% of the people who even marry in Portugal get divorced within the first 10 months. According to the report of 2018-19 behind a thousand people you’ll see only 3.4 people getting married in Portugal.



This country of South America is very famous for football as well as for its natural beauty but being a country of South America you’ll get to see people here completely modern. People here prefer to be in a living relationship and they have forgotten the importance of Marriage. This is the reason that behind every 1000 people, the figure of only 3.3 people has come for marriage rate in Chile.



Panama a country of Central America seems to be progressing very fast in terms of development. Girls of Panama are considered very open minded and this is the reason that today many people have forgotten the culture of Marriage here. Although even today in the small towns of Panama, many people will be seen believing in Marriages but in big cities the people of Panama do not consider marriage important and it has become quite popular to be in a living relationship. Therefore the marriage rate among every 1000 people has been found here to be only 3.3 people.


The status of Luxembourg has been very high in terms of wealth, the culture of marriage in Luxembourg has almost completely disappeared. Reports claim that the number of marriages here is very less. Among all the children born here today, many of them are born without marriage. The marriage rate for every 1000 people in Luxembourg is only 3.2 people.



Italian women are considered more frank and modern. Today Italy is such a country where many people will be seen living together, that is they’ll be seen in a living relationship. This is the reason that according to the report Italy’s marriage rate has come out to be only 3.2 people behind every 1000 people. That is behind 1000 people only 3 people will be seen getting married in Italy. This is quite a shocking figure.


Argentines are very happy people and can often be seen partying. These people do not give any importance to a simple thing like marriage. According to the report, behind 1000 people in Argentina, the marriage rate will be seen at only 2.9. That is behind 1000 people, you’ll see less than 3 marriages in Argentina.



Uruguay is another great country in South America where most people you see are very modern especially the girls here spend their lives with full freedom and people here do not give much importance to the normal thing like marriage. According to the report of 2018-19, out of 1000 people in Uruguay, we have got a marriage rate of only 2.8 people.


Venezuela is a country in South America that is known all over the world for its very beautiful girls but today due to corruption its condition has become very bad and today people will often be seen here just protesting. Although the people of Venezuela consider marriage very important but due to extreme poverty and corruption, this country has also made its place in this list. According to statistics, for every 1000 people, you’ll see only 2.6 people getting married in Venezuela.


Peru another beautiful country of South America has also been included in this list. It is also very famous for its beautiful girls and like most South American countries, marriage is not given any importance in Peru and all the people who get married here will also be seen getting divorces within the first 5 years. According to the figures of 2018-19, the marriage rate was seen to be only 2.5 in Peru. Behind 1000 people in Peru, only 2.5 people got married.



This country of the Middle East will be seen in the top 3 rankings of the richest countries in the world. This country with a population of about 2.9 million people has progressed too much in the last 50 years. Here you’ll get to see the culture of marriage but this figure has turned out to be very less because you’ll also get to see a very less number of girls. According to the data of 2018-19, the marriage rating here is only 1.4 people out of 1000 people. That is behind 1000 people, only 1 to 2 people have married in Qatar.

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