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Timiza loan. How to register, download app, apply loan

Timiza loan

At times, we get stranded financially and no aid seems to be approaching. Fortunately for thousands of Kenyans, Barclays Kenya has uncovered a modern easy-to-use mobile app, which allows fast and easy loans to all smartphone users including the marginalized, remotely established and the unbanked residents.  Moreover, you do not need a bank account with Barclays to explore a Timiza account. Timiza accounts let you save, borrow money, repay the loan, pay bills, buy insurance (personal accident -100k -and Funeral cover), book or hail a cab –Taxify and check forex rates. You can also encourage contacts to join the app.  In this piece, we will lead you on how to apply and pay for the Timiza loan.

What is Barclays Timiza Loan

Barclays Timiza Loans are prompt access to credit, lacking the officialdom linked with obtaining loans. For one, you do not require to fill out an application form in order to obtain a Barclays Timiza loan. Since Barclays Timiza can only be obtained via phone, you necessitate not visit busy and crowded banking halls to take your loan.  Once your loan application is accepted and the loan is processed, the funds will be deposited into your Barclays Timiza Account, and you can access the funds by shifting the amount to your M-PESA account.  This M-PESA account should be the one registered to support your Barclays Timiza Account.

What are the requirements for eligibility for a Barclays Timiza Loan?

For one, you necessitate being an active M-Pesa subscriber for at most concise six months leading the date of application of the Barclays Timiza Loan. Next, you necessitate ensuring that you have been engaging transactions on Barclays Timiza. Moreover, to boost your chances of making your loan request be approved, you necessitate having been actively using other Safaricom services earlier to your application of the loan. Such Safaricom services comprise, but are not limited to, data services, voice services, and M-Pesa services.

Why you may not be able to access Timiza loan

So, what are the rationalizations behind the truth that you cannot obtain a Barclays Timiza loan? For one, you may have been recorded by Credit Reference Bureaus(CRBs). You may have a weak credit rating. Moreover, you may not be qualified to access a Barclays Timiza Loan because you then have an existent Barclays Timiza Loan.

Application for a Barclays Timiza Loan through the SMS service 

In order to apply for a Barclays Timiza Loan via SMS, dial *848# on your Safaricom line connected with your Barclays Timiza Account and obey the prompts.

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How to apply for Timiza loan through the Timiza mobile application

These are the moves to follow if you require to apply for a Barclays Timiza Loan within the Barclays Timiza app:

1. Installing Timiza app on your android phone:

  •  Go to Google play store and search for Timiza
  • Click on the install button
  • Once installed, click on Open
  • Allow the Timiza app to make /manage calls / read messages
  • Enter your Safaricom line, ID number to register
  • Once done, you will set a pin for logging the app.

2. Log in to the app applying the required credentials. You shall see that your loan/credit limit is revealed on the app.

3.  Pick ‘My Loans’.

4. Choose ‘Request Loan’.

5. Insert the sum you wish to borrow.

6. Choose ‘Continue’.

How to pay your Timiza loan

You can repay the loan through MPESA business number 300067, account number is your Safaricom phone number. Or you can directly dial * 848#. Insert the pin, pick the loan option, and select pay loan.

Here is wherewith to pay to utilize the MPESA business number:

  1.  Proceed to MPESA.
  2. Choose Lipa Na MPESA.
  3.  Choose the Paybill Option.
  4. Insert the Business number as 300067.
  5. Insert your Timiza Enrolled phone number as the account number.
  6. Insert your Cash Amount.
  7. Insert your MPESA Pin.
  8. Verify the specifications are correct then touch OK.

Timiza loan charges

All loans on Timiza loan app contract an interest percentage of CBR + 4% concurrently with a 5% loan processing fee of the loan sum demanded. Nevertheless, if you are overdue on payments, a Roll Over Fee of 5% of the outstanding loan sum applies with an added 30 days repayment loan duration. The pleasantest part about this loan is that you gain to relish a loan repayment period of 30 days and a one-time facility fee of 5%.

I paid my loan in time, but I keep on receiving SMS’s

Seldom after you have paid and cleared your loan balance, Timiza may yet be sending you SMS warnings which at times may be frustrating. To opt-out of this ring, you may want to reach Timiza customer representatives. Here is how to reach Timiza customer care.

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Timiza loan contacts

You may want to contact Timiza because of one of the resulting generalizations.

  • Timiza app PIN reset.
  • For any support whatsoever.
  • You are having difficulties using the app.
  • You command to stop the SMS’s

To reach Timiza service providers use either one of the following means.

  1. Via Whatsapp: This may take time, use 0712 233248
  2. Via Phone – I wouldn’t suggest this method because of the many voices proposes and adverts, but if you’re the patient kind go ahead and use 0709 213000 to call them.
  3. Email – It is simple, open your email app and convey an email Timiza@barclayscorp.com.  There customer care delegate will support you.
  4. Social Media – Timiza has an enthusiastic Social Media Presence. This is the most agile and efficient way to reach them. You can use Facebook to contact them. Just initiate their Facebook Page and use the Messaging feature on the Page.
  5. If you are on Twitter, follow Timiza Kenya Loans on @TimizaKE then send them a Direct Message.

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