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Tiktoker Moya David Shows Off Mercedes G-Wagon


Few days after announcing the sale of his prestigious business ‘Moya City Spa’ popular tiktoker David Moya has showed off what is thought to be his latest purchase, a new Mercedes G-Wagon.

The famous tiktoker shared a photo standing next to an expensive looking Mercedes G-Wagon and captioned it with a statement that was directing at his critics. The caption read, ” Niliwawarn.”

The social media enthusiast who also doubles as a businessman did not confirm whether the expensive machine was his or he was just posing next to a brand new vehicle.

Moya had revealed that he would sell his Nairobi-based spa at 4.5 million. The price of the G-Wagon he posed next to is estimated at Ksh 12 million to 33 million.The news about the sale of his business venture left many Netizens speculating that he could be broke.Mboya has denied claims that he could be broke and asserted that he wants to try a new venture.

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