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Tiktoker Kinuthia Announces Pregnancy In Style


Is Tiktoker Kinuthia Really Pregnant?

TikToker and content creator Kelvin Kinuthia has puzzled internet users by sharing images resembling a maternity shoot. The photos depict Kinuthia dressed in a long black gown, holding his stomach to simulate a pregnant belly. The accompanying caption reads, “Can’t wait, I’m in tears,” followed by heart emojis and a pregnant woman emoji. Kinuthia further intrigued his followers by posting a video in which he caresses his stomach as if feeling a bump, causing a stir online.

In a previous incident, Kinuthia had claimed to be expecting a child when questioned about his protruding stomach. In an interview with Mungai Eve, he explained that he grew tired of being asked about his stomach and jokingly responded that he was indeed pregnant, toying with people’s curiosity.

Given that Kinuthia is unable to conceive biologically, fans speculate that his recent post may be related to an upcoming surgical procedure. In November 2022, he underwent a gastric balloon procedure, spending over Ksh450,000, as an alternative to losing weight since regular exercise did not yield the desired results. Kinuthia expressed his intention to stick with the procedure for four months and aimed to shed approximately 30 kilograms within that timeframe.

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