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Thorny Bush Being Used By Nairobians For Love-making


City Dwellers Convert Bush Into Love Nest 

A thorny area located alongside the Northern bypass in the Njathaini region of Roysambu constituency is becoming increasingly popular among certain Nairobi residents.

The entrance to this now renowned bush consists of makeshift beds constructed from cartons and nylon papers, with scattered grass and a mix of litter, including empty liquor bottles and discarded boxes. The dense thicket is marked by partially worn paths and a network of tire tracks, evidence of activities that have taken place between Githurai 44 and Maruirui.

At first glance, the thicket exudes a peaceful ambiance, making it an intriguing destination for a leisurely walk. However, within the expansive Miaraho bush, also known as Kwa wa Kihiu, lies a collection of intriguing tales.

In this bush, some Kenyans have displayed their creativity by transforming the inner sections into a makeshift green lodge. Jackson Mwangi, a boda boda rider operating nearby, remarks, “You will observe couples entering the bush and spending hours before emerging. This is a common sight, particularly on weekends.” Mwangi himself frequently utilizes the bush as a shortcut and has unexpectedly encountered people engaging in various activities within its depths.

According to locals, the bush serves as a hiding spot for smoking, the sale of marijuana, and other illicit goods. Some individuals visit the thicket for serene moments with their families or friends, while others come to meditate. Alleged illicit activities have caused many families and religious individuals who used to visit the thicket to avoid it altogether.

Residents claim that the police are already aware of these activities and conduct regular patrols in the area. Mwangi shares, “Just last Monday, the police arrested a man and a woman who were found inside a car within the bush, and they struggled to explain their presence.” Dumping of waste in the bush is also reported by locals. Peter Njogu, a resident, reveals, “Numerous shady deals occur here. Even meat vendors utilize the bush as a disposal site.”

While some view it as a romantic retreat, others find refuge in this bush as their makeshift home, and some individuals come to gather firewood for sale.

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