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Dangers of public Swimming Pools

DOCTORS have now warned about swimming pools where you will find many people overflowing in one phase, including children. They say there is a great risk of using such dams.
Many of those who own the ponds have been criticized as chasing the benefits of charging fees without considering any health and safety standards.
“The first thing is to understand that our bodies are incredibly dirty. It contains many pathogens for the skin. The strange thing is that some parents are happy to take their children to paid pools and then throw their children in to join dozens of others to swim. That is a big risk,” says Dr Leonald Gikera of Murang’a General Hospital.
Dr. Gikera says that “you don’t even have to be a doctor to know that in those swimming pools there are some people who vomit, urinate, sweat and even defecate in it”. “That kind of waste is dangerous for the health of those swimmers,” he said.
And Dr. Kamau Nginyangi who is the Director of Digital Health in the Ministry of Health, said parents allow their children to swim in swimming pools where there is also a mix of genders and there are also children who already know and engage in sexual issues.

Dr. Nginyangi says older children and also some adults with their minds,  use the water especially at night and have sex, including acts of homosexuality and grinding.
“You will find that there are some in the water who are even drunk, some are menstruating, some have skin diseases but supposedly because they are looking for the pleasure of releasing themselves on the basis of festive celebrations, they are putting others at health risk,” said Dr. Nginyangi.
Dr Nginyangi said that there should be an inspection of the swimming pools used by the public “but that is an issue that has been neglected by the county administrations which should set safety standards for public health”.

He added that the ponds should be inspected regarding the use of anti-bacterial drugs to make them safe, the water should be changed regularly and there should always be a balance of water entering and leaving it. Dr. Stephen Ngigi from the Maragua hospital also said that the diseases that can come from the ponds range from skin diseases to cancer.

“When seeking pleasure, there is a lot of wisdom on the basis of health that we ignore but when the effects start to enter including death, then we start to get serious when it is already too late,” explained Dr. Ngigi.

He said that “when you  use or take your children into a public pool without first getting a guarantee of hygiene standards and also using that water as a public, know that you have neglected wisdom and are taking a major risk for your life”.

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