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Thee Pluto Biography, age, real name, education, career, girlfriend, net worth


Thee Pluto is undoubtedly one of the most famous and rich young men in Kenya right now. His massive social media following has made him become among the most popular socialites in Kenya. He has made it through sheer hard work which is a good example to any other young man who is hoping to make it in celebrity list of Kenya.

Early life

Thee Pluto was born on 27th August 1999 in a village in Naivasha. He is a third born in a family of seven. His birth name is Robert Ndegwa Kamau. He revealed that he was raised mainly by his grandmother and his elder brother.


Thee Pluto started his education at Mailea Township Academy and Luci Amen Academy in Naivasha. He the. Proceeded to Githiga Boys high school in Mai Mahiu for secondary education. Here, he did exceptionally well and was admitted to JKUAT university in Nairobi in 2016. This marked his relocation to Nairobi from Naivasha. He was to take a course in Actuarial science but changed to economics.


While growing up, Thee Pluto was a very dedicated christian and a good child who valued church thanks to his grandmother’s strict foundation in church. He even saw himself as a gospel artist in future. This was visible through his efforts to spread the word by singing gospel songs in his vernacular language while he was still a Sunday school boy.

However, the passing on of his grandmother affected his christian background and the dream of being a gospel artist ended when he even changed to Islam. But there is no any sign of Muslim in him currently and he seems to be a normal person whose faith cannot be told easily.

In 2017, he added teaching as one of his jobs he has ever done after he was employed to teach mathematics at Bishop Oisere secondary school in Mai Mahiu.

When Kamau joined campus, he engaged in the normal activities students do such as trading in bitcoins and other forms of activities. He even started product promotion and real estate promotion.

He made his girlfriend pregnant when he was in second year making him drop out of campus to look for money to care for the mother and child. He was working as sales agent and product activation earning 5k per month and was soon promoted to office works with a salary of up to 15k. He saved the money and opened a shop at Kahawa Wendani.

The spirit of making money was in him and when he returned to campus, he decided to start content creation by opening a YouTube channel which became his breakthrough. He met his lover, Felicity Shiru at Subaru Boys event in Naivasha.

They were both content creators and this turned into something sweet. They majored in Couple Goals content where they would show people how couple should treat each other. This type of content rhymed well with most audiences which was university students.

Soon, he realized another niche and started the loyalty test show where he randomly check on couple’s phones to tell who is cheating in order to help restore trust and faithfulness among youths. This gave him a lot of income as it became a very popular content.

Thee Pluto is also a real estate trader who sells houses and lands especially in Ruiru and Kuja areas. He also has some apartments in Kilimani area of Nairobi.

Net Worth

This young man is worth over 50 million Kenyan shillings as he owns a V8 and other properties.

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