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The Ultimate Secret To A Lasting Marriage Is Here | Love Wins If You Follow These Steps.



Men, never assume that since you wake up from the same bed with your wife then she doesn’t deserve a hello or morning peck. That should be an everyday dose before she gets up. Assisting her wear her shower cape for the bathroom is another mandatory.


Remind her how beautiful she is even if she doesn’t resemble the gorgeous lady you met on day one. If you have a fat wallet, always be ready to offload quarter or half of it in her purse so that when she is done showering she has something to smile about. How dare you think a wife deserves less money than a side chick? If you help her pick out the best dress to wear for the day you have won her heart. If you can bend to sort her heels you are the best.


Never start her morning with previous day rants or complains. Remind her that she is the best even if she is not and you know it. Loading your wife’s phone with bundles and airtime is a sign you are prepared to be crowned King. If you fuel her car you are her second heaven. A taxi can do where personal cars can’t.


Do not scold your wife in public even if you think she has done her worst. That habit crushes them. If she didn’t cook well last night find out why before you complain. Could be she had some work related or house related stress. Let your woman discipline the kids more. You might be tempted to unnecessarily tag your in-laws if you do. She doesn’t want to be the reference for failure. Your wife is at her best when given utmost attention.


Always be ready to fill in her stories and unfunny jokes .Wife’s hate husband’s who are ever on their phones. Most important of all, don’t show your wife you are a Mama’s boy even if you are. Do not reach a position where you have to chose between her or your mama. Its simple just delegate to her errands that will get her closer to your Mama more.


Always ask her how her parents or siblings are doing. She loves to hear it come from your mouth. Last but not least, always be ready to play character whenever she wants to flaunt you before other couples. Women naturally love competition.

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