Home NEWS The traffic police is commended for helping Stranded Children With Fare.

The traffic police is commended for helping Stranded Children With Fare.


Police Constable Galgalo earned accolades after being captured on camera helping a needy child with fare along Kitui-Mutomo Road.

Speaking to press, the officer, who lost his son a week ago in a tragic accident, stated that he was moved to tears by the minor who was struggling to carry a little girl on his back.

At first, he asked four ladies who were passing by to help him, but they ignored his request.

“The incident happened last Sunday. I saw that boy sweating more than anyone else (along the road). I asked four ladies who stood near him to help him as he was tired, but they refused.”

The officer pointed out that he saw his late five-year-old child in the boy. According to him, his son was hit by a careless boda boda rider on Saturday, November 18 and died on the spot, ten meters from the bump at Sultan Hamud along Mombasa Road.

Galgalo argued that the driver was speeding, judging from the impact of the accident. Eyewitnesses corroborated his claims to present the police with a concrete case.

Detectives assigned to the case lauched investigations into the incident and arrested the driver, who will be presented in court to take a plea on January 9, next year.

Galgalo’s son was laid to rest in Sultan Hamud on Sunday, November 19, a day after the accident occurred.

The officer, however, did not disclose whether he would reach out to the suspect to solve the matter amicable or follow proceedings in court.

In 2018, Galgalo was lauded for helping motorists navigate floods around Sultan Hamud. The officer, then stated that he always strived to assist motorists facing different challenges on highways.

Speaking to mediathe traffic officer added that police should always maintain a good rapport with members of the public to enhance service delivery.

“Police officers should be reasonable with motorists by warning them rather than taking bribes,” he stated, adding that both parties ought to adhere to the law.

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