Home NEWS The senators failed to impeach governor Mwangaza from power

The senators failed to impeach governor Mwangaza from power


The Governor of Meru Kawira Mwangaza who has had a difficult job defending herself in front of the senators has every reason to smile after the case against her was decided at midnight on Thursday when the senators voted, the Senate failed to remove her from office.

The case, which began to be heard on Tuesday, was decided after the senators listened to the testimony of the councilors and gave Governor Mwangaza a chance to defend herself.

The Speaker of the Senate Amason Kingi explained before the voting process, saying the senators would vote on each of the charges against Governor Mwangaza. Senators voted seven times.

The first charge was waste and misuse of county resources. 19 senators voted to agree with councilors while 28 senators voted ‘No’. The second charge was nepotism and other ethical violations. Five senators supported his removal while 42 opposed.

In the third charge of humiliating other leaders, a vote was taken where the result was that three agreed with the Meru councilors while 44 opposed. On the fourth charge, Governor Mwangaza was criticized by councilors for making an appointment that violates the required process where in the voting, 20 senators agreed with the allegations while 27 opposed.

And the fifth charge is about contempt of court where three senators have agreed with the councilors but they were overwhelmed by 44 who opposed. In addition, the leader of Meru County faced a sixth charge of naming a road after her husband Mr Murega Baichu. Four senators have voted ‘Yes’ where again they were overwhelmed by 43 who opposed.

The seventh and final charge said Governor Mwangaza disrespected the County Assembly. The charge received support from only 10 senators, again weighed down by 37 who opposed it.

“The Senate has not proven any wrongdoing, so Governor Kawira Mwangaza continues to lead Meru County,” said Speaker Kingi.

If the senators passed even one charge, then Governor Mwangaza would be removed from office. Now what we have to wait for, is to see how she will pick herself up again and find a way to cooperate with the councilors who passed the motion to remove her. This has been the second time that the case against Governor Mwangaza has been presented and discussed in the Senate.

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