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The Prolific Dixie Dean

Dixie Dean

England has had some highly prolific goalscorers throughout their football history. The fully-fledged online betting site 1xBet can be used to wager on all those players. When thinking about top English scorers, we usually think about Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen or Harry Kane. However, many decades before they were even born, there was another player who was scoring goals in English football like there was no tomorrow. This is the story of Dixie Dean.


Dean had a brilliant career between the years 1923 and 1940. He spent most of his career in various English leagues, which are available on the 1xBet online betting site, which has great wagering odds.

An Everton legend

Dean began his career in 1923 in Tranmere Rovers. He played on that team until 1925. However, the player was always an Everton fan. For this reason, in 1925, he was finally able to move to the club he loved. Matches of the English Premier League are very entertaining, and the options for live betting available on so.1xbet.com/live allow profitable wagers in that competition.


He became an absolute legend in his beloved club. He played in it between 1925 and 1937. During those years he scored so many goals that he actually became Everton’s top scorer ever. This is a record that stands even to this day.


There is a curious aspect about Dean’s career. Specifically, in the 1933 final of the FA Cup, he wore the number 9 shirt. Right now live betting is available on 1xBet, and the FA Cup and all its matches is also featured on this site. He was actually the first footballer to ever use this number, which became iconic for prolific goalscorers.

Life after the Toffees

By 1937, Dean was starting to struggle with injuries. For this reason, his level decreased considerably. By the way, the https://www.so.1xbet.com/casino website can be explored while waiting for the next match of Everton.


The player left Everton in that year, and he moved to other clubs in England and also Ireland. These teams were:


  • Notts County;
  • Sligo Rovers;
  • and Hurst.


It should also be noted that Dixie Dean was a member of the English national football team between 1927 and 1932. Between those years he played a total of 16 matches and scored 18 goals in total. In other words, he obtained an impressive average of more than a goal per game, which, even in those years, was quite difficult to achieve. Whenever other great goalscorers are on the field, don’t forget to visit 1xBet to wager on them.