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The price and features of the electric car president Ruto was seen driving


President William Ruto was recently seen driving himself to a function at the KICC in an electric car that cause a lot of reactions from Kenyans. It has been revealed that the car was made by ChineseĀ  company called SAIC-GM-Wuling (SGMW) in Liuzhou, China. The version assembled in Nairobi was given the name Autopax Air Yetu and it is as a result of collaboration between Kenyan EV manufacturer Autopax and Wuling.

The car is electric and has other modern technology such as Wuling Remote Control App that allow the users of Wuling automobiles to sync the MyWuling+ app on their smart phones, so as to have full control of the vehicle no matter where they happen to be. For instance, one can turn on the car’s air-conditioning while still outside the car.

The Wuling company provides a choice between a 200- or 300-kilometer range just on a single charge. This is depending on whether you go with the 30 or 50 kilowatt electric engine. The average age of a standard-issue vehicle is 17. It requires 8.5 hours for a full charge of the 3 KWh battery and just 4 hours for the 26.7 KWh battery in the long-range model.

The Wuling Air EV is available in two range options; Standard and Long. The Air EVs differ in price from Ksh 2.3 million for the Standard Range type to Ksh2.8 million for the Long Range type and Ksh3 million for the Long Range with Charging Pile type.

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