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The president is accused of deceiving Kenyans with the affordable housing scheme


The tug of war is still going on in various counties regarding the issue of affordable housing.

However, it is an issue that has been able to bring various interviews from citizens from all corners of the country of Kenya, some praising it and a large percentage seeming to oppose it.

Not only the citizens but even the political leaders seem to be opposing it while on Nov 28 – Kenya’s High Court on Tuesday declared unconstitutional a 1.5% levy intended to fund affordable housing that was imposed as part of a finance law adopted in June, but later stayed the ruling until Jan 10 to allow for the government to appeal.

This issue seems to burden many citizens due to the tax burden that had already begun to be deducted from the salaries of workers in Kenya.

However, political leaders lead by Nuru Okanga from Mwananch Jacaranda parliament came out on Thursday 21 December after President William Ruto’s statement in an interview with journalists on Sunday 17 December that people should go and see for themselves how the village of Mkuru kwa Njenga was transformed into a European town .

 “We are  disappointed as Kenyans because the President’s statement is not in line with the situation of Mukuru kwa Ruben we want the president to work, and not talk about things that are not there, this is embarrassing” said Okanga.

Okanga also added that there are some rich people who have already paid for the houses, and that he does not see if the common  mwananchi will be able to get the opportunity to live in those houses.

The political leaders have asked the president to be careful when giving his speeches and to do his work well without harming the common m wananchi.

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