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The great Nílton Santos

Nílton Santos

The great Nílton Santos

When thinking about the Brazilian football squad that won the 1958 and 1962 editions of the FIFA World Cup, most people imagine Pelé or Garrincha. The http://1xbet.ug/ website is a fantastic place to wager on the great Brazilian team.


However, there were many other players whose contributions were absolutely crucial in guiding Brazil to these two titles. One of these names was Nílton Santos. He had a fantastic career that lasted between 1948 and 1964. He dedicated his entire footballing life to a single squad: Botafogo. Brazilian football can be extremely entertaining, and the 1xBet website is a fantastic online bookmaker to wager on that squad.

The world’s full-back factory

Many people say that Brazil is the “world’s factory of full-backs”. This is because some of the best players ever that have played as left-backs or right-backs have come from that country. There are countless names that satisfy that criteria, and whenever they play, you can place live bet and win on 1xBet website.


Some of these legendary names include:


  • Cafú;
  • Roberto Carlos;
  • Dani Alves;
  • Carlos Alberto;
  • and of course, Nílton Santos.


Santos played his entire career as a left-back, being crucial for both his local team Botafogo and the Brazilian national team. He represented the Canarinha between 1949 and 1962. During that period, he played 75 matches and scored three goals. Of course, he also won two FIFA World Cup titles during that period. Punters can place a live bet and win on the 1xBet website, whose wagers on the Brazilian national team are simply incredible.

A highly skilled Encyclopedia

There are many people who called Nílton Santos “the Encyclopedia”. This was because, besides his incredible talent on the field, he was also extremely knowledgeable in football. This also helped him to become a respected commentator after his retirement as a player. Before great matches of Brazilian football begin, you can play slot Uganda on 1xBet, which is full of fantastic games.


Many people consider Nílton Santos one of the best left-backs in the history of the game. This is because of his incredible defensive abilities but also for his fantastic technique. In fact, there is a very famous story when he scored an incredible goal during a 1958 FIFA World Cup match.


During a contest against Austria, he took the ball from his own field and dribbled past the entire Austrian team until scoring said goal. What’s funny about this situation was that the Brazilian coach was yelling at Santos ordering him to return to the defense line. However, the defender ignored him and scored that fantastic goal. While waiting for other great goals, you can play slots on 1xBet Uganda, which offers some highly rewarding forms of entertainment.



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