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The Government regime’s performance after one year



As the Kenya Kwanza administration marks exactly a year since President William Ruto took ought of office, Kenyans have continued to express their opinions about his leadership including human rights boards.

In a press briefing early Wednesday 13 september, KHRC, Transparency International among other human rights board’s criticize president Ruto commitment towards fulfilling his complain pledges to Kenyans

Among the issues highlighted by the human rights board, is the war against graft where the Kenya Kwanza regime has been put on the spot over the withdrawal of high-profile graft cases.

Ending police brutality and other injustices orchestrated by the state machinery was also mentioned as an unfulfilled promises by the Ruto regime.

On the promise to institutionalize political parties and personalize and depoliticize state institutions, the regime has been accused of having an insatiable appetite to capture political parties and independent commissions and offices controlling Article 250 of the constitution.

The president his deputy, other key officers and the Kenya Kwanza government have also been put on the spot over their irresponsible actions and use of illiberal language and clear bridge of constitution by a certain that Kenya operates as a country of shareholders.

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