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The fate of Mwagaza is Wednesday next week as FIDA vows to defend her in the Senate


Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza will know his fate on Wednesday next week when senators will vote to approve or reject the motion to remove her from office passed by the Meru County Assembly on October 25th 2023.

Meanwhile, the Women Lawyers Association (FIDA-Kenya) has committed to legally represent the Governor of Meru, Kawira Mwangaza, during the hearing of the charges to remove her from power.

In a letter that the Press was able to see, the Chairperson of FIDA-Kenya, Ms. Nancy Ikinu, said the organization is saddened by the attacks against the governor.

“Since your election in August 2022, you have faced two accusations of being uprooted by ward representatives. We give you legal representation before the Senate and the courts to ensure that you get justice,” said Mrs. Ikinu in the letter.

Governor Mwangaza is already represented by seven lawyers led by Mabw Danstan Omari and Elias Mutuma. On Wednesday November 1, 2023, the Senate issued a notice to the governor and the Meru County House of Assembly for the next session to deal with the motion.

According to the notice, both parties are required to submit a list of lawyers to represent them, a list of witnesses, documents to be used as evidence that they will use to defend their positions.

The Senate will hold a special session on Tuesday 7th 2023 where senators will prepare to deal with the motion. Meru county councilors will then be given the opportunity to present evidence to support their motion to sack Governor Mwangaza.

This is the second time for the councilors to pass a motion to remove the Governor from office within a year. Their first attempt on December 14, 2022, was overturned by senators on December 30. On his part, Governor Mwangaza is scheduled to appear before senators on Wednesday to defend herself against the seven charges filed against him.

These include violations of the Constitution and related laws, misuse of the authority of his office, bias in the employment of employees by disrespecting the authority of the County Employment Board (CSB).

A committee of all 67 senators will investigate the allegations and then vote to decide if they are valid or not. If the majority of senators support one of the charges on that motion, Governor Mwangaza will be officially removed from office.

If the senators oppose the charges then once again the governor will escape impeachment. On Tuesday Kenya’s first senators dropped a motion that suggested the formation of a special committee of 11 senators to investigate allegations against Governor Mwangaza.

The motion which was presented by the Leader of Minorities Ledama Ole Kina was supported by the senators of  Azimio  la Umoja-One Kenya Declaration.

The committee style was used to decide the fate of Ms Mwangaza in December 2022, where six members opposed her dismissal and five supported it. Ms Mwangaza is also facing allegations of misuse of public funds and disrespecting the Meru County Parliament.

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