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The family of the woman killed in Roysambu Airbnb explains how the killer demanded Ksh 500K


The family of the woman killed in Roysambu has broken their silence regarding the death of their loved one.

In a statement seen by the Star newspaper, Rita Waeni Muendo’s family said that their daughter’s life was taken from them too quickly.

“It is with great sadness and broken hearts that we, the Mutea family, are addressing the media today. Our beautiful Waeni, the shining spirit in our lives, was sadly taken from us too soon,” they said.

At only 20 years old, Waeni was assigned to her final year at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT).

Compensation claims

Revealing details of what happened before Waeni’s death, the family said she left her aunt’s residence in Syokimau to meet a friend on Saturday. However, around five o’clock in the morning on Sunday, his father received a message, from Waeni’s phone number, demanding Sh500,000 in compensation within 24 hours for her release.

The family went ahead and reported the incident to the police and DCI, and an investigation began. Two more messages were sent to the Waeni family demanding compensation.

According to the statement, the family did not receive further details about the compensation or the opportunity to explore this avenue. Waeni’s body was found on Sunday stuffed in a paper bag outside Thika Road, Nairobi. According to the police, she was stabbed and hacked to death in an apartment along TRM Drive, Thika road. Her head was cut off and has not yet been found by the police. Even after Waeni was killed, the family reveals that more demands were made.

With news of Roysambu’s murder dominating the media, the family continued to search for their daughter.

“After an intense and fruitless search, in collaboration with the DCI, we identified our child, as the girl who was tragically murdered on Sunday morning at/or near Thika Road Mall, January 14,” the statement further said.

The Waeni family believes that their daughter was influenced by her killer, who also tried to extort money from her family, even after killing her. Following her death, Waeni’s parents, siblings, and the whole family have not yet accepted this tragic event.

“We are broken and our lives are shattered, by the loss of Waeni, and especially the way she was killed,” the statement said.

The family praised the girl as an intelligent and intelligent girl beyond her age at the beginning of her youth.

“She was a warm and caring person, known for her unwavering kindness, contagious laugh, and ability to light up any room she entered,” the family added.

Her family and friends will forever cherish the many memories of Waeni’s joyful presence and her dedication to making a positive impact on those around her. The Waeni family has requested privacy as they continue to mourn the death of their daughter. They have also appealed to the media for respect and understanding as they face this great loss.

“Our goal is to cherish the precious memories we shared with her and support each other as a family,” they said.

Extending a hand of gratitude, the Waeni family thanks DCI for their support and promises to continue working closely with them as they work hard to bring justice for their daughter. In time, the family hopes that the truth will prevail, and those responsible will be held accountable for what they called a senseless act.

“Once again, we appreciate the love and support given to us during this painful time. We humbly ask for your understanding and attention as we mourn the loss of our beloved Waeni,” said the statement.

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