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The expectation of El Nino rain gives 60,000 young people motivation to make The streets of Nairobi clean.


On the 30th of July this year, the Department of Meteorology in the country released a study on the arrival of the El Nino rain expected to start in October to December. The study showed that the seasonal rain may cause serious damage in the country.


However, the government was able to warn citizens who live in flood-prone areas to heed the warning and look for alternative places to avoid the effects of the rain. With the effect staring many Kenyans, approximately 60,000 young people have been able to send applications to help clean up the environment in Nairobi County to prepare for the coming of the rain.


The county environmental executive officer, Ibrahim Auma Nyangoya, has said that only 3,500 young people can be given the contract because the county does not have enough money to hire more young people than the number provided.





In addition, Ibrahim pointed out that the young people have already been given their work equipment, but if they need to succeed in getting the contract, they must be put on probation to see their performance. However, the official asked the residents of Nairobi to ensure that they protect the success that has already been achieved.




“Be responsible for cleanliness because you have enough equipment,” said Ibrahim.


He also warned those who would be found polluting the environment, saying the full force of the law would reach them.

“We will not be afraid to arrest and prosecute those who are not responsible,” he said.


The young people will be sent to 17 constituencies and 85 wards, where their duties are to open drains, clean them, and they will also keep the city green. They will help manage physical discomfort and human issues.



Environmental experts have added that the effects of climate change are becoming frequent, high, and severe. So they asked the sectors within the decentralized unit to develop a comprehensive plan to deal with the expected El nino. They also asked the county officials to copy the areas that are more prone to flooding.

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