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The excellent Davor Šuker

The excellent Davor Šuker

The excellent Davor Šuker

Yugoslavia broke up as a country in the early 1990s, new countries emerged. Some of these territories include Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia or Slovenia. All of these independent countries have had some excellent football players. Whenever those teams jump into the field, it is possible to bet in Uganda now with 1xBet website.


Croatia had one of the best teams of the former Yugoslavian states after the country broke up. Many excellent players came from there, with one of them being Davor Šuker. He was a prolific striker that played professionally between 1984 and 2003. Across his career he played on many different leagues, including:


  • Spain;
  • England;
  • Germany;
  • and of course, his native Croatia.


In addition to an impressive career in those leagues, the player also became the top scorer for the Croatian national squad. Fans can bet with 1xBet Uganda now in all the teams where Šuker spent some years of his career.

Playing on various countries

Davor Šuker began his career playing in Osijek and Dinamo Zagreb. Back then, those teams, which now compete in Croatian football, were part of the Yugoslavian football league. When wanting to make live wagers on all the post-Yugoslavian competitions, make sure to visit the www.1xbet.ug/live website.


His performances were so impressive that he immediately attracted the attention of Spanish team Sevilla, where he quickly became an idol. Later, in 1996, Šuker moved to Real Madrid. He was a crucial member of this team on their quest of winning La Liga. He made a deadly attack alongside Predrag Mijatović and Raúl. He even was a key player in helping Los Blancos to win a new UEFA Champions League during the 1997-98 season. At any moment when Real Madrid plays, make sure to visit the 1xBet website for great wagering opportunities.

An incredible international career

When thinking about Davor Šuker in a FIFA World Cup, probably many remember him playing at the 1998 edition of the competition. However, what not many may know is that he was part of another squad in a previous FIFA World Cup. You can visit 1xbet.ug/slots/ – try slot ug and win while waiting for the next edition of these excellent competitions.


Specifically, Šuker was also selected for the Yugoslavian squad that participated in the 1990 FIFA World Cup. However, he didn’t feature in any match.

The player was key in helping Croatia to reach a historic third place in the 1998 FIFA World Cup. He also became the top scorer of the squad, having scored 45 goals in 69 games. It is possible to try great slot games on 1xBet ug before the next match of the Croatian team starts.

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