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The Evils of Pastor TB Joshua


In a groundbreaking investigation by the BBC, new evidence has emerged suggesting that the late Nigerian megachurch leader, TB Joshua, orchestrated a cover-up of his involvement in the tragic collapse of a building at his Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan) in Lagos in 2014. The incident, which claimed the lives of at least 116 people, is considered one of the worst disasters to befall a place of worship in Africa.

The BBC’s extensive inquiry, reveals insights from former insiders of Scoan who shed light on the events leading up to the collapse and the subsequent cover-up allegedly orchestrated by TB Joshua. Eyewitnesses and former disciples share their harrowing experiences, challenging the narrative presented by the pastor.

Insiders disclosed that TB Joshua had been aware of serious structural issues plaguing the building before its collapse. Despite receiving reports that the structure was “swaying” and “shaking” just hours before the tragedy, the pastor purportedly failed to take preventive measures. Witnesses argue that the pastor’s decision to blame an aircraft flying over the building was a deliberate falsehood to divert attention.

The investigation reveals disturbing details of the aftermath, with insiders asserting that TB Joshua obstructed emergency services from accessing the site for 24 hours. Church workers, lacking proper equipment and training, attempted reckless and amateur rescue operations. Shockingly, a chainsaw was reportedly used to amputate a trapped individual’s leg.

Insiders claim that TB Joshua ordered the removal of dead bodies from the collapse site during the night to conceal them from the media and authorities. Some were allegedly tasked with recording these activities and delivering tapes to the pastor. Multiple sources suggest that the death toll may have been higher than officially reported, and the pastor may have influenced proceedings through financial incentives.

Former disciples allege that TB Joshua distributed large sums of money to individuals with influence, including families of victims and journalists. The pastor’s financial gestures were purportedly aimed at silencing potential dissent and influencing media reporting. Recordings and messages provided to the BBC indicate attempts to intimidate those who refused financial offers.

While TB Joshua passed away in June 2021, aged 57, his widow, Evelyn, now leads the church. Despite the serious allegations presented in the BBC’s investigation, Scoan denied the claims, stating that unfounded allegations against TB Joshua are not new. The church continues to maintain the narrative that an unidentified aircraft caused the building collapse.

Nearly a decade after the tragic incident, no one has been prosecuted for the collapse, leaving families of the victims in anguish. The former guest house remains a haunting ruin, and questions about justice linger. The BBC’s revelations shed light on a dark chapter in the history of Scoan, urging a reexamination of the events surrounding the building collapse and the subsequent cover-up orchestrated by TB Joshua.

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