Home NEWS The Earliest Relegation ever suffered by an EPL squad

The Earliest Relegation ever suffered by an EPL squad

Earliest Relegation ever suffered by an EPL squad

In most of the top football leagues, unfortunately there are teams that are going to be relegated to lower levels. You can place sport bet Nigeria on 1xbet.ng/en, which allows its members to wager on which teams are likely to be relegated in a particular season.

In the case of the English Premier League, the relegation is usually decided at the very last match day. However, what happened with Derby County back in 2008 was quite the opposite. In fact, this team has the dubious honor of being the earliest relegated team in the history of the tournament. Punters can place a sports bet on 1xBet Nigeria on all kinds of matches being played in the English Premier League.

A catastrophic campaign

Derby County had also been part of the English Premier League between 1995 and 2002. They were relegated in the latter year. However, five years later, they won a new promotion that allowed them to return to the competition. Right now any betting live stream is on 1xBet, and it can be enjoyed while following what happened with the Premier League.

This promotion for the 2007-08 season was met with a lot of optimism in the team. However, what they suffered was a complete destruction. Just to put things into perspective, by the end of the season, the bottom three squads looked as follows:

  • Reading had 36 points;
  • Birmingham City had 35 points;
  • and Derby County had only 11 points.

Those teams can also be followed through any live stream on 1xBet, which is also a great tool to start betting on them. As it can be seen, there was a staggering 24 point difference between the lowest and second-lowest team by the end of the competition. Obviously, all those three squads were relegated to the Championship.

What happened to the team?

Of course, there has to be an explanation for such a dismal campaign. The truth is that the team was in a disastrous shape in terms of its management. There was a lot of uncertainty regarding its future, and this inevitably had an impact on the performances of the squad. Whenever the English Premier League is being played, you can visit www.1xbet.ng/en/line/football and wager on all its matches.

The team had two coaches during the season. One of them was Billy Davies and the other was Paul Jewell. The latter needed to coach the team for 27 matches in order to obtain his first victory, which, by the way, was the only victory of the team in the 2007-08 EPL.

By the end of the tournament, Derby had won one match, drawn 8 and lost 29. They had a goal difference of -69. This is really shocking considering that Birmingham City, the second-lowest team in the season, had a goal difference of -16. The 1xBet website features all kinds of options to wager on the EPL and other top football tournaments.