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The Dinka; South Sudan Tribe where Newly Married Women Do Not Cook for Four Years


The Dinka is a tribe in South Sudan and they have some of the weird facts. Apart from being among the tallest tribe in the world, their marriage custom also stands out as one of the unique ones.

A Dinka bridegroom always pays between 100 to 500 cows as dowry. This is a culture that they have kept for years of their existence and still remains as one of the highest bride price around Africa.

While many will expect that after paying such huge amount of bride price the bride will be a servant to her husband, this is not the case as the same bride is now being treated as a royalty. The bride will not do any house chores for a whole four years.

During this time, which is called Anyuuc translating to generous welcoming, the bride is expected to rest and relax as she studies her new homestead. During this time, she will be served by he husband’s sister who will be doing all the cooking, sweeping and all other duties

After the four years are gone, the husband will have to arrange a huge party known as thaat translating to cooking festival. Three cows and five goats will be slaughtered to officially usher the wife into cooking for the family.

What is funny is that during the four years, if the husband misbehaves then the wife can decide to leave but will not have to pay back the dowry. The husband will have lost all the dowry and the wife.


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