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The cost of living helps to alternate the conduct of Boda-boda to attract their customers in Nakuru


Although boda-boda operators are known as people who like to violate traffic rules, the high cost of living has now forced Nakuru boda-boda operators to follow the rules to attract customers.

The chairman of the Nakuru Boda-boda Operators Association, Samuel Muchiri, said unlike in the past when most of them were governed by indiscipline and breaking traffic rules, the decrease in customers has now made some of them appreciate the traffic rules.

“I congratulate the boda-boda operators in my county for following the traffic rules,” said Mr Muchiri.

“The cost of living has gone up. This is why customers should try in every way to invest. Those who used to spend Sh100 to ride a motorcycle now feel better walking,” said Mr Muchiri.

James Mbugua, a boda-boda operator in the area, supported Mr Muchiri’s opinion and added that these days, they dress well and make sure their motorbikes are clean to attract customers.

However, Mr Muchiri advised parents to avoid pushing their children to become boda-boda operators, Because at the moment it is not a good job for young people. Also, Nakuru boda-boda riders have advised their colleagues to follow their behavior to avoid violation of the law.

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