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The ancient Football Alliance


The ancient Football Alliance

Right now England offers some of the most entertaining football competitions in the world. Punters can visit www.1xbet.ng/en in order to wager on all of them. Some of the competitions in question include:


  • the English Premier League;
  • the FA Cup;
  • the League Cup;
  • and the Community Shield.


However, those are not the only competitions that have been played in England at some moment. During the late 19th century, there was another attempt to establish another nation-wide league. We are talking about the Football Alliance. Currently the 1xBet betting platform can be used to make all kinds of bets on dozens upon dozens of English football matches.


Competing tournaments

Right now, basically all professional football in England is grouped under the Football Association or FA. This entity is the one that currently organizes the competitions that delight football fans on every match day. It is possible to place your live bet on 1xbet.ng/en/live on all these amazing championships.


However, during the late 19th century, there were different organizations that competed with each other for establishing football tournaments. There also was the Football Association. However, this organism excluded several clubs. Those teams grouped themselves and set up a parallel entity called The Combination.


The Combination grouped 12 different teams. You can place your pre-match or live bet on 1xBet on squads that used to be part of this entity. This group of teams established a competition of their own called the Football Alliance.

Unstable relationships

However, the Football Alliance was plagued with issues from the very first moment since it was created. Most of them were organizational in nature. Punters can now install 1xBet app iOS, and use it to start wagering on the best football teams that play in England.


The first season of the Football Alliance was played in 1889. However, after the end of each season, there were lots of teams that resigned from the tournament, and other ones which came to replace them.


As it tends to happen on many occasions, the biggest problems were related to money. For example, Stoke City, which can also be wagered by installing the 1xBet iOS app, was threatened with expulsion after refusing to pay a fine. This was due to a friendly arranged at the same time when other Football Alliance matches were taking place.


Sunderland decided to resign from the competition in 1891. They did so because they didn’t agree to the condition that clubs needed to pay a part of the travel expenses when visiting other teams. Issues of this kind led to the downfall of the Alliance, which was dissolved in 1892. Eventually, many of the teams went to the FA instead.

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