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The amazing Lilian Thuram

Lilian Thuram

The French national football team has had some incredible generations of players throughout its history. Currently, online sports betting Ghana from 1xBet bookmaker can be made on this amazing squad.


The players who won the 1998 FIFA World Cup are an incredible group. There were some excellent names that helped the team to obtain this title. Some names include:


  • Didier Deschamps;
  • Marcel Desailly;
  • Emmanuel Petit;
  • and also Lilian Thuram.


The latter was an excellent defender. In fact, he is seen as one of the best defenders in the history of French football. Also, with 142 matches, he is the player with the largest number of contests played for Les Bleus. It is unlikely that this record will be broken anytime soon. The 1xBet Ghana bookmaker is a great online sports betting site, from which punters can wager on everything related to the French team.

A fantastic career

Thuram played in only four squads during his professional career. Between 1991 and 2008, he spent time in Monaco, Parma, Juventus and even Barcelona. All these teams are available for betting on the https://www.1xbet.com.gh/line/ website. He truly impressed in all those squads. He was capable of playing as a center-back but also as a right-back.


When he played on the right flank of the defense, not only was he capable of destroying opposing attacks. He could quickly begin counter attacks and run up through the field in order to cause damage on the opposite side of the field. When these excellent players are on the field, the 1xBet website is a great place to visit to wager on all of them.

A complete defender

Thuram had many attributes that made him one of the best defenders in the world while he was active. He was physically strong, but also he was capable of running very fast thanks to his great pace. When great players of this capacity are on the field, the http://www.1xbet.com.gh/mobile/ can be visited to wager on their matches.


In addition to all of that, the player was quite capable with the ball in his feet, which of course helped him when trying offensive plays.


But Thuram not only had some excellent physical attributes. The defender was also excellent in understanding the game from a tactical point of view. This meant that he knew perfectly where to position itself in order to make good defensive or offensive plays. He also was a very vocal leader in the field. In other words, he could serve as a kind of coach in the middle of the football pitch, organizing his defensive line. As it can be seen, some great players come from France all the time, and the best site to wager on them is the 1xBet platform.


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