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Ten Qualities of a good husband and father ladies should look for in a man


The process of identifying a man to become the father of your children is quite a hard on that many ladies often fail in. This is because it is difficult to get the right man who will be both a good husband and father to the children. Many ladies fail in marriage because they got into it without having looked at the standards and the  qualities. Here are some of the qualities of a good father;


A good father encourages his children to follow their interests and aspirations by supporting them in their undertakings. He guides, encourages, and supports his children through their accomplishments and failures.


A good father is the oen who expresses his love and affection to his wife and children. He acts as the source of warmth and care to the family whenever they feel weak and lonely. Doing this will make you a good husband and father.

Setting examples

A good father serves as an example for his children. In their own acts and conversations, they display integrity, honesty, and respect. Children generally imitate their fathers, so setting a good example is essential.


When dealing with children of all ages, patience is crucial. A decent father recognizes that children make errors and require direction. They maintain their cool, offer direction, and allow their children the time and space they need to learn and grow.

Availabe for the family

A good father places a high value on spending quality time with his children. They are present, actively engaged, and make themselves available to listen to, play with, and support the needs of their children.

A good Listener

A good father pays close attention to his kids’ needs. They take the time to comprehend their ideas, worries, and feelings. Strong communication and strong father-child bonds are fostered by active listening.

Teaching Life Skills

A good father makes the time to impart valuable life lessons to his kids. They teach their kids how to make decisions, solve problems, show empathy, be resilient, and other important skills that are crucial for their growth.

Setting rules and baundaries

A good father not only encourages his children, but also establishes healthy boundaries for them. They set boundaries, reprimand when required, and instill in their kids a sense of accountability and responsibility.

A provider

It is more important to be proud and willing to support your family than it is to be affluent or rich. He is capable of giving his wife and children a safe and secure future and is aware of how to take care of them to the best of his ability. It is logical, practical, and imperative to look for a man who has the capacity, desire, and drive to support his family.

Taking part in their lives

A decent father takes an active interest in his kids’ lives. They spend time with children, participate in their activities, and go to school functions. The children feel a sense of security and a close connection as a result of this involvement.


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