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Ten Early signs of pregnancy


One of the most scariest things to ladies especially young one who are still in school or just do not want to settle is getting pregnant. Study shows that many young ladies mostly in high school or primary would rather get HIV and AIDS but not pregnancy. Early signs of pregnancy are as follows;

Fatigue and tiredness

If you begin to feel more exhausted than usual during the day from one day to the next, you may be pregnant. It is an indication of pregnancy assumption induced by the commotion going on inside you.

Tender Breast

This is a symptom that arises as soon as the pregnancy begins. It is one of the earliest components of the female body to develop in preparation for its future function, feeding the baby. As a result, they will grow in size and become significantly more sensitive as a result of, first, hormonal changes and, second, fat accumulation.

Lack of menstrual periods

It is an obvious and telling symptom, one that leads us to only one conclusion: pregnancy. Especially if the woman experiences menstrual cycles on a regular basis. In the event of irregular cycles, detecting the delay or deficiency is more challenging.

Neausea and vomiting

They’re the most “popular” symptoms. They normally emerge in the morning, but they might come at any time of day. Some women experience them within the first few days of their pregnancy, since the implantation of the embryo in the uterus generates hormonal changes, which are the primary causes of nausea.

Strong sense of smell

An early pregnancy symptom is a heightened sense of smell, which makes previously moderate scents overwhelming and disagreeable. Babies may be in the air if your sniffer becomes suddenly more sensitive and easily irritated, as it is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy that many women describe.

Increase Urination

You may experience an increased need to pee two to three weeks following conception. This sudden need to pee is caused by the pregnancy hormone hCG, which boosts blood flow to your kidneys, allowing them to cleanse your body and, eventually, your baby’s body of waste more efficiently. Your expanding uterus is also putting strain on your bladder, leaving less storage space for pee and forcing you to use the restroom more frequently.

Mood swings

This is due to the pregnancy-related hormonal changes that cause the mood swings you may experience once pregnant. You may experience PMS-like moodiness as early as 4 weeks into your pregnancy; later in the first trimester, and regularly during the duration of your pregnancy, you may be up one minute and anxious or down the next.

Aside from pregnant hormones, your life is about to change dramatically, so it’s natural for your moods to swing. Give yourself a break by eating healthy, getting enough sleep, and pampering yourself.


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