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Tanasha Donna Biography, Age, Tribe, Child, Career

Tanasha Donna Biography

Tanasha Donna Oketch Biography, Who is Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna Oketch is a Kenyan radio presenter for NRG Radio. She is also an entrepreneur who has invested in the Beauty Industry. She is the CEO and founder of ‘For Her Luxury Hair’ hair brand. Tanasha is also a Video Vixen. NRG RADIO PRESENTER, COMMERCIAL MODEL, RECORDING ARTIST, DIGITAL INFLUENCER

Donna’s parents are of African and European descent that is Kenyan, Luo, to be specific (excuse the pun), and Italian respectively. She grew up in Kenya until she turned 11, and left for Europe, Belgium, where she explored the wonders of her childhood development through her teenage years to her twenty. While in Belgium, Tanasha studied Tourism, which allows her to speak five languages quite well, that is, English, Swahili, Dutch, Spanish, and French. In addition to these, she participated in beauty pageants such as Miss Africa Belgium, among other fashion and modeling opportunities that came her way.

However, none of these opportunities measured up to her desire to make it back here in Kenya, a place she proudly calls home. Her love for Kenya, brought her back, probably via KQ or the ‘dream airways,’ whichever the case, it is undeniably true, that Tanasha Donna Oketch has her heart vested back home and a curious eye for entertainment, fashion, modeling, and entrepreneurship. She is among Kenya’s, ever-increasing, video vixen, probably at the top of the game, and has appeared in Alikiba ft Christian Bella’s Nagharamia collabo.

Her entrepreneurial side is well projected through her beauty product brand, ‘For Her Luxury Hair,’ that deals in high quality and affordable hair. All these pieced together, coupled with her role in NRG radio and her future singing and acting aspirations, speak about her entertainment self.

Tanasha Donna Oketch Education

Tanasha studied tourism In Belgium and also studied foreign affairs. She is Fluent in English, Swahili, French, Dutch, and Spanish.

Tanasha Donna Oketch Tribe

Tanasha is half Kenyan half Italian. She grew up in Kenya and left when she was 11-years-old. Her full name is Tanasha Donna Barbieri Oketch. Being a Kenyan, she is a Luo

Tanasha Donna Oketch Age

Tanasha is 24 years of age as of 2019. She grew up in Kenya until she turned 11, and left for Europe, Belgium, where she explored the wonders of her childhood development through her teenage years to her twenty. While in Belgium, Tanasha studied Tourism, which allows her to speak five languages quite well, that is, English, Swahili, Dutch, Spanish, and French.

In addition to these, she participated in beauty pageants such as Miss Africa Belgium, among other fashion and modeling opportunities that came her way. However, none of these opportunities measured up to her desire to make it back here in Kenya, a place she proudly calls home.

Tanasha Donna Date of Birth

July 7, 1995

Tanasha Donna NRG radio

Tanasha became part of the NRG team back in 2018, hosting the station’s mid-morning show, together with DJ Kace. She soon landed a new role in the fast-growing station in Kenya as the host of NRGCIRCLE, with Shaqtheyungin as her co-host, airing every Monday to Thursday from 8 pm until midnight.

Tanasha Donna Oketch Dating History

Tanasha Dated Hunk Nick Mutuma in 2017 but broke up in August the same year after dating for around six months. Nick Mutuma is a Kenyan actor, Tv host, and a commercial model whose big break came through MTV Shuga, a drama series whose plot revolves around Nairobi’s daring youths and their reckless sexual behaviors.

Details about their break up were kept under wraps until recently after diamond proclaimed his love for the Kenyan girl, and further hinted a potential marriage. These made fans and other interested parties share their two cents, on her Instagram handle, about the new developments with some occasionally bringing up Nick Mutuma, a matter that made Tanasha shed some light on what led to her break up with Nick, of course, via her Instagram handle.

After appearing in Alikibas Video Nagharamia as A vixen, it was rumored the two were dating, but Tanasha denied the claims. As of  2019, She Is dating Diamond.

Tanasha Donna Oketch Denied Rumour She Is Dating Alikiba

Tanasha Donna has denied rumors circulating in Tanzania that she is Ali Kiba’s Kenyan fiancée.

The news went viral after Ali Kiba’s brother confirmed the Chekecha Cheketua hitmaker would be marrying a Kenyan woman.

Two years ago, Kiba used Tanasha as his video vixen in the song Nagharamia, featuring Christian Bella. The model insists she and the singer have never been an item.

We can confirm that Tanasha is in a relationship with another man. Not Ali Kiba. And most certainly, not Nick Mutuma, her ex.

Kiba is said to be marrying a Mombasa-based woman identified as Amina Khaleef. The two are said to have been dating since last year after the singer parted ways with beauty queen Jokate Mwegelo.

Tanasha Donna Oketch Diamond

Kenyan media personality Tanasha Donna Oketch has opened up on why her wedding with Tanzania singer Diamond Platnumz was called off. The two had announced they would tie the knot earlier in February of this year, but the wedding plans were later canceled. Speaking during a recent interview, the NRG Radio presenter says they will not be exchanging marriage vows anytime soon.

The 23-year-old says she and her fiancé decided to take time to know each other better before making their relationship official.“We decided to take our time focusing on knowing each other and loving each other. Wedding plans will come to God willing. Who knows with time maybe I move here. At the moment, this works,” says Donna. She has also dismissed claims that she does not get along with Diamond’s mother, Sandra Dangote.

“To be honest, what you see on social media is my art, my work, my passion, and craft. My personal life is personal. Mama Dangote is always in the house; we are family already. We are close,” she notes. Diamond and Tanasha began dating last year, months after he separated with his former girlfriend, Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan. Zari, 38, said she dumped the award-winning singer over infidelity.

Tanasha Donna and Diamond
Tanasha Donna and Diamond

Tanasha Donna Oketch Pregnant

Tanzanian star singer Diamond Platnumz and his Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Donna Oketch have announced they are expecting a baby. Diamond broke the news during a joint birthday party of his mother and his girlfriend this past weekend.

The award-winning musician said they are expecting a baby boy in two months’ time.
“There is no need of hiding it anymore, she is now seven months pregnant, and in two months, our family will be bigger,” said Diamond during the celebration attended by among others Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi.

Rumors of Tanasha’s pregnancy emerged in April after fans noticed her protruding tummy. This will be the radio presenter’s first child and the fourth for the Bongo flavor singer. Diamond, 30, has two kids with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan and one with former Miss Tanzania Hamisa Mobetto. Diamond and Tanasha, 24, have dated for more than a year now.

Tanasha Donna Pregnant
Pregnant Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna Oketch Child

Word on the street is that Bongo star Diamond Platnumz and his Kenyan bae Tanasha Donna Oketch have welcomed their child.

For the better part of Wednesday, there were pictures doing rounds on social media with a popular blogging site, Original East claiming it’s Tanasha’s child.

“hongera sana tanasha !!!!!! Mtoto kazaliwa leo alfajiri 11/09/2019 aga khan hospital!!!!! Usimtangaze leo !!!! Sie tunamsiba huku tanzania tulivo wanafki hatujawahi kumsupport martha akiwa hai !!!! Hatukumjua !!!! Ila leo kila page itaomboleza”, read a post by Originaleast.

According to word making rounds on social media, Tanasha welcomed her child with the bongo crooner on Wednesday morning, October 2, at Agha Khan hospital in Dar es salaam.

This will be Tanasha’s first child and Diamond’s fourth. Tanasha, however, came out to clarify that the photo making rounds is not that of her son.

Later in the day, Diamond posted a cryptic message on his Instagram hinting that his child is finally here. “uliye mgoja Kaja (the one you waited for is here!)” he wrote

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Tanasha Donna’s baby – All you need to know

anasha Donna’s baby is finally here! We can now breathe a collective sigh of relief and welcome the newest addition to the Simba household. Some days ago, someone caused quite a stir when they suggested that Tanasha’s baby had passed on, much to her chagrin. While we do not even understand why someone would come up with such disturbing lies, here are facts we know about singer Diamond Platnumz and  Tanasha Donna’s baby.

It is a boy

It obviously is. Tanasha had revealed this already, and both her maternity shoot and baby shower were themed blue to this effect.

17 hours of labor

One hour of labor is enough pain, but Miss Tanasha gave birth to her son after 17 whole hours of labor. That is one strong woman!

Shares birthday with dad

It is such a rare coincidence, is it? Both father and son were born on 2 October. If Diamond’s look as he cradled his newborn in anything to go by, the musician is very thrilled by this fact.

Father just turned 30

As his father Diamond Platnumz turned 30, that is when this little prince saw it appropriate to make his grand entrance.

Diamond’s 4th child

While rumors abound on the exact number of kids sired by the African music magnate, this is Diamond’s fourth son known to the public. He has two other children with Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan and a son with a former Tanzanian beauty queen, model, and singer Hamisa Mobetto.

He was named way before birth

Tanasha and Nasib will reveal the name of the baby (we can’t keep referring to him as Tanasha’s son forever), but not just yet. Via her Instagram, the radio presenter said that while they have a name already, they do not want to reveal it because they are scared evil people might harm the child.

It was a natural birth

Again on her Instagram story, Miss Oketch let us know that she had a natural birth, which is a good thing.

Most fashionable mom

One other thing, this baby has one of the most stylish mums on the planet.

Little Known Facts About Tanasha Donna Oketch

Little was known about Tanasha Donna until she decided to date Bongo Musician Diamond Platnumz. The video vixen and radio presenter has managed to earn herself a huge following in the past few months – a thing she has used to her advantage.

Check out a few known facts about her;

She is 24, half Kenyan and half Italian

She revealed that she’s Kenyan of Luo descent, and one of her parents hails from Italy. Her Luo name is Oketch. The radio presenter had to upload her birth certificate on social media to prove that she is indeed Kenyan and that Tanasha Donna Oketch is her real name.

She dated other celebrities before settling for Diamond

Tanasha dated actor Nick Mutuma briefly after he separated from his baby mama Bridget Shighadi. Their relationship, however, did not last long. She was also rumored to be dating Tanzanian star Ali Kiba though none of them came out to confirm nor dispute the rumors.

She once represented Kenya in a beauty pageant

Miss Oketch was once a participant in Miss Africa Belgium, and she claims that modeling is one of the things she loves apart from singing.

She grew up in Kenya before relocating to the UK

She grew up in Kenya until around the age of 11, where she left for Belgium, where her mother still resides. She later came back to Kenya to pursue different dreams.

She shares a birthday with her Mother-in-law Sandrah AKA Mama Dangote

Fans got to recently find out that she was born on the 7th of July, the same date as Diamond Platnumz’s mother. The two threw a massive party in Tanzania over the weekend that was attended by big shots, including comedian Eric Omondi and singer Bahati.

She is Diamonds third baby Momma and expecting his fourth baby

Despite Diamond being known for loving women a bit too much and already having two baby mamas, nothing stopped her from conceiving with the musician barely a year into their relationship. Fans are waiting to see whether this will make Diamond finally settle down with her.

Tanasha Donna Songs

  1. Nah easy
  2. Radio ft Barak Jacuzzi

Tanasha Donna Contacts

Instagram: Tanasha Donna Oketch

Twitter: Tanasha Donna

Youtube: Tanasha Donna