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Tallia Oyando Biography, Age, Career, Husband, News, Son, Job


Tallia Oyando is a renowned Homeboys Radio presenter who hosts a morning show known as ‘The Juice’ and also hosts a show known as ‘#OneLove’ on Citizen TV on Saturdays from 4-5 pm where Coco Soboo takes over from 5 pm -7 pm.


Talia Oyando was born on February 26th, 1984.


Talia Oyando is a daughter of the renowned producer Maurice Oyando and grew up in a musical family where her group that comprised of Yma, Alma and her, released an album named ‘Jambo Rafiki’ in the year 2001 which won an Emmy Award.

Tallia Oyando Child

Lyric Onyango is a popular name on social media thanks to her mum Talia Oyando and father Ezekiel Onyango. While Talia has many followers on her social media pages, her son has also not been left behind.

He has his own Instagram page @LyricOnyi, and Talia Oyando photos of Lyric give fans a glimpse of the sweetness of motherhood. Judging by how cute the mother and soon look together, Talia is surely enjoying her role as a mother. Both Talia and her husband Ezekiel embrace the reggae culture and have passed on the tradition to their son who also has dreadlocks.

Tallia Oyando family

Talia Oyando was born in a musical family. The daughter of a renowned producer Maurice Oyando began interacting with music at a tender age. Talia has not only been successful as a media personality but has also been a successful woman in a stable marriage. A marriage that got its root in a nightclub. Yeah you read that right, Talia Oyando met the love of her life in a nightclub and everything moved sporadically to the dream celebrity family that most Kenyans envy.

Recently, Talia shared a story on Instagram about how he met her husband, Ezekiel Onyango in a club he hadn’t planned to go to but was rather dragged in by her friends. They continued meeting by coincidence and had several chit chatter and all else didn’t matter when love walked in.

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Tallia Oyando Music career

She grew up in a musical family. Her love for music has been alive as long as she has been following in the footsteps of her father Producer/Musician Maurice Oyando, she was part of an all-girl group called Talma comprising of her, Alma and Yma they released their debut album ‘Jambo Rafiki’ in 2001 and won an Emmy Award in the same year making them the youngest Kenyans to win the prestigious award.

She later became a solo artist. Her first single titled “RASTA” featuring Rizla off the ‘raindrops riddim’ and her second single “What’s Love” off the “Camp Fire Riddim” established her as a reggae artiste.

She did musical collaborations with top Kenyan acts like Goldenchyl, the late E-sir, CMB Prezzo, A.Y from Tanzania, and Rizla who ushered her into reggae music. With hits like Haunitishi with E-Sir, Sweety Banana with Nyambane, Mimi na were with CMB Prezzo and Tanzanian’s AY.

tallia oyando
PHOTO: Tallia Oyando

Tallia Oyando Career

October 22nd, 2016- Present: TV host of #OneLove on Citizen TV

Present: Radio presenter at Homeboyz midmorning show known as ‘The Juice’

She  was working as a Radio Dj at Easy Fm which is Kenya’s only all RnB radio station for 6 years

She has also hosted a number of TV shows including Showbiz on NTV, VJ reality show at MTV

Tallia Oyando Bullying

Despite her early fame, her school life was an unhappy experience. She says she had a difficult time in school because of bullying. She says she changed schools three times and all the time she never told her parents what was happening.

At the time the bullies would rip her books or pour water on them, lock her in a room so she would miss classes.

Tallia Oyando Awards

Emmy Award 2001 – ‘Jambo Rafiki’ Album

Talia Oyando Family


Oyando’s family played a big role in the kind of lady she is today. Talia’s father Maurice Oyando introduced her to the entertainment industry, and it was in this same place that she found the love of her life.


Oyando is married to her handsome husband, Ezekiel Onyango who is a film and television director and the CEO of Film Crew in Africa he has won awards like the Golden Globe.

Talia Oyando Baby

Well, to some people, especially in Africa, a marriage is never complete until the fruits are seen. Talia’s marriage has been fruitful. The couple has been blessed with a cute-face baby boy who is name Lyric. Just to entrench the life of Reggae culture in their family, Lyric wears dreadlocks just like his father Ezekiel. The son is the apple of her eyes, she has stated in her social profiles that Lyric is the best thing that ever happened to her. She talks about her small boy adorable posing him as the solver of her problems. She says when her problems surge she just looks at the smile on her son’s face and her day just brightens.


Owing to her unique name, many Kenyans have been in dark about the Talia Oyando tribe. Well, Talia Oyando is a Luo, and her parents come from the Nyanza region. Her husband is also a Luo so their marriage won’t be rocked by cultural storms.

Tallia Oyando
PHOTO: Tallia Oyando

Other Facts

Talia Oyando has been in the public eye for almost half of her life. At the age of 17, together with her music group Talma, they released their debut album Jambo Rafiki in 2001 and won an Emmy Award in the same year.

Talia became a solo artist, then crossed over to television, and successfully hosted an entertainment show before conquering the radio airwaves at a tender age of 19. She says she left the showbiz to self actualize.


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