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Sunset Kenya loses their $300 worth website to hackers


The Sunset Kenya media has revealed that they have lost their website sunsetkenya.co.keThis was communicated by the director of Sunset Kenya Mr. Elvis Dzengo. According to him, the attempts to recover the site has proven futile as the hackers have managed to completely take over all the details and have logged them out from every site.











He revealed that this is not the first time that sunsetkenya.co.ke is being hacked. In 2021, hackers hacked the website and it was inaccessible for the owners for a whole three weeks but they managed to recover it. However, this time round the hackers came back with more strategy and tricks which they managed to take over fully. In his statement, Elvis appreciated all those who had worked with him to make sure the site is up and running and has promised to give way forward to their esteemed subscribers and fans.










As per the website’s details, it was worth over $300 which equals to about ksh. 44,550. It was a very promising news and music website that had potentials to even be worth over thousand dollars in near future. Being that it is gone is a big setback and it will take them time to develop another website to that level.

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