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Stivo Simple Boy Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Music Career

Stivo Simple Boy

Stephen Otieno, famously known as Msanii or Stivo Simple Boy, is one of the most adorable and influential artists in Kibera Today. Growing up in the slum of Kibera is hard at times, but Stivo Simple Boy credits this upbringing for the nurturing of his talent. A young, humble, and gifted artist from Kibera using rap music to spread a positive message across all ages.

Stivo Simple Boy Age

Born in 1990, Stivo Simple Boy is the second last born in a family of eight children and an elder to his twin sister. Simple boy has been around the music scene for as long as he can remember.

Stivo Simple Boy Girlfriend

Stivo is currently single, as he has turned all of his attention to music at the moment. Even though he is single, he enjoys the company of female fans, since he shot to fame.

Stivo Simple Boy girlfriend
Stivo simple boy with a mzungu fan

Music Career

From as early as 2007, Simple Boy could be seen singing on many streets of Kibera. You would find him surrounded by a large crowd listening to him singing live acapella.

He has music in his blood, and he is ever ready to perform whenever wherever. “ In 2015, we once found him at around 1 am in the night at Laini Saba Kibera performing to his fellow night workmates “, Philip Oyoo, aka Phlexble, a producer at Made In Kibera production.

Stivo Simple Boy is that kind of artist who really careless when it comes to place or time to perform. He usually performs upon anyone’s request at any place at any time. This has made him very popular among the children, men, women, and the youths all cross Kibera.

Although relatively new to the mainstream music scene, Simple Boy has been on the big stage with shows such as MADE IN KIBERA Live CONCERT, UCHAGUZI BILA FUJO CONCERT, ART ATTACK FESTIVALS just to name a few. In the year 2016, he also participated in the Kibera Music Competition organized by Kibera Town Center. Simple Boy has been dubbed one of the emerging talents of 2019.

Simple Boy has nurtured his rap talent by attending the daily rehearsals organized by KiCA ( Kibera Creative Arts ). He started recording in the year 2015 with the song “Ukimwi.” In 2017 he recorded one of his famous songs, “MIHADARATI “with MADE IN KIBERA PRODUCTIONS, who also made the music video for the same song.

Some of his famous songs include “UKIMWI,” “NDOA,” and “UFISADI.” One notable thing about Stivo Simple Boy is that all his songs are meant to bring a positive message to society. For instance, the MIHADARATI song simply warns the youths from drug abuse,” UKIMWI” songs is a campaign song for HIV/ AIDS awareness. The songs” “NDOA” and “UFISADI” speak about marriage and stopping corruption, respectively.

The other song released by Stivo simple boy is dubbed UHALIFU, and in the song, Stivo warns the youth of crime.

Stivo Simple Boy
Stivo Simple Boy

Mihadarati hitmaker Stivo Simple boy claims he is a virgin, vows to wait until marriage

Mihadarati hitmaker Stivo Simple Boy has admitted he still has not tasted the forbidden fruit. When asked whether he has ever felt the warmth of a woman, Stivo said he plans to do the bedroom dance once he settles down in marriage.

During an interview with Milele FM, the rapper insisted he still wants to keep his innocence while he is a single man. “I do not play that game. I will wait till I have a ring on my finger,” Stivo said.  The artiste said he had gotten chances to dip his toes in the coveted waters, but as usual, there is a time for everything. And whenever his body craves the touch of a woman, Stivo chills out and takes a cold shower.

Stivo rose to fame when his song Mihadarati gained traction online a year after its release. The rapper has even narrated how, for long, he had to endure criticism over his looks and fend off people who referred to him as a monkey. Now, the musician hopes his music will push his fellow youth towards dropping illegal substances and embracing a healthier life.

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Stivo Simple Boy fights crime through music

Stivo Simple Boy has released a new single called ‘Uhalifu.’ The singer says this is a step to help curb crime in his turf, Kibera.

Speaking to Word Is yesterday, he said, “My songs are all about positivity, to warn people about crime. This is something that I see firsthand here at home, there is a lot of crime, and I want people to stop.

“My next project is about marriage. I don’t have the experience, but I will share the advice I have with people out there.”

His manager added that “Stivo has branded himself as a motivator. However, he will release other songs like love ballads, but he won’t fully dwell on that. ”

As the year comes to a close, the singer now wants to entertain people with collabos.

“Yes, there is a collabo coming up, but it’s something we cannot talk about right now. It will happen before the end of October. This project is with people who have already made a name in the industry.”

Simple boy is an independent artist, who has worked with Made In Kibera studios since 2008.

“Apart from him, we still have so many artistes who we are working with here,” the manager said.

“For the 11 years we’ve worked with Simple Boy, he feels at home here. He is a person that keeps our advice and takes directions.”

Talking about his dapper look in his music video, Stivo said, “I linked up with Danny Styles of Mr. Royalty, he was the one who designed my suits in that video. The video was also shot in Kibera.”

He says to be right in the industry, and it has taken him humility, generosity, and love for God.

Stivo Simple Boy Narrates Pain of Monkey Jokes

Musician Steven Otieno, AKA Stivo Simple Boy, has opened up on the stress of people comparing his face with that of a monkey.

Simple boy recently shot to fame after reintroducing to Kenyans his hit song Vijana Tuache Mihadarati, on Ebru TV’s Chipukeezy Show, which was released over a year ago.

In a video seen by Kenyans.co.ke, the musician hailing from Kibera admitted that it was indeed painful to hear people making jokes about his face.

He, however, stated that he had learned to develop a thick skin.

“Walikua wananichezea kwanza na venye sura yangu inakaa. Walisema ati ooh sura yangu ni kama monkey… inauma but itabidi uzoee, najiamini.

(People used to say I look like a monkey. You know, it is painful, but there was nothing I could do but just persevere. I believe in myself ),” he noted.

He added that no one knows what the future holds and that the person who you might be despising today could be the one to save you tomorrow.

“Sisi wote ni wana wa Mungu. Kila mtu ni mwema hapa duniani.Huwezi jua kwamba siku moja huyo monkey ndio atakuja kukusaidia siku za usoni.

(We were all made by God, everyone in this world is good in his own right, you never know the monkey may be the one to help you in future ),” he remarked.

According to Simple Boy, music his passion, and he will use it to keep campaigning against drug abuse and crime that has affected many young people in Kibera slums due to unemployment and poverty.

How ‘Mjengo guy’ Stivo Simple turned into ‘Mihadarati’ hitmaker

Stivo Simple Boy made headlines with the song Mihadarati, one that has been a meme on social media.

In an exclusive interview with Word Is on Friday, the singer reminisced his life as a struggling young man from Kibera.

“Before this song came out, I had worked for ten years while releasing songs and rehearsing when it comes to music,” he said.

“I have been working as a ‘Mjengo” guy, and I’m still doing that to get my daily bread. I have learned that nothing comes more natural. You have to work, so I had to get to where you want to be.”

He says he wants his songs to go across the borders and not just Kenya.

“I’d like to collaborate with rappers like Tanzania’s Roma Mkatoliki,” Stevo said.

“Here in Kenya, I admire Khaligraph Jones because he is too talented, and I wouldn’t mind a collabo. Currently, I’ve not linked up with any of them, but I’ll be dropping a collabo with a woman who is from Kibera.

“In Kibera, people have told me to release hit after hit. My family and friends are so excited for me.”

His advice to artists who are yet to make it big in the industry is just one: “Do not give up, your life is coming to place, and things will happen for you.”

10 Interesting Facts about Stivo Simple Boy

Here are some of the vital, exciting facts about Stivo Simple Boy

  1. Stivo Simple Boy is officially known as Steven Otieno born 29 years ago, 1990 in Kibera slums
  2. He is the second last born in a family of 8 kids, born from an impoverished background
  3. He started singing way back in 2006 while in Kibera slums drawing inspiration from Tanzanian artiste and rapper turned politician Professor J.
  4. Stivo Simple Boy could be seen in Kibera slums surrounded by locals as they listened and enjoyed his live acapella on streets
  5.  In the year 2016, he also participated in the Kibera Music Competition organized by Kibera Town Center.
  6. The first song he ever recorded is called ‘Ukimwi,’ back in 2015 then followed Ndoa, Ufisadi and the famous Mihadarati
  7. Since his popularity grew up, NACADA Director Vincent Muasya aka Chipukeezy promised him a job at the government-led agency to fight against drug abuse
  8. Stivo in 2019, did receive not only social media attention but also mainstream media airtime and publications across the country
  9. He also caught the attention of Tanzanian singer Rayvanny from Wasafi Records, who suggested working together with him.
  10. Stivo has not declared his marriage status, but close reports suggested he was still unmarried

Stivo Simple Boy Songs

  1. Uhalifu
  2. Mihadarati
  3. Ukimwi
  4. Ndoa
  5. Ufisadi
  6. I lift you higher ft. Schneider shanny
  7. Inauma ft Byzzo the Baddest

Stivo Simple Boy Contacts

Instagram: Stivo Simple Boy

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