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Stevo Simple Boy Trolled For Hosting Cheap Shows


Nearly two months after Stevo Simple Boy terminated his contract with his management, the celebrated musician has taken to Tiktok announce an upcoming concert in Mlolongo. The ‘Mihadarati’ hitmaker has intrigued fans after stating the entrance fee to his concert.

Stevo Simple Boy’s choice of words in delivering the message amused many fans. He energetically promoted the show in his slang. He also emphasized that attendees were only expected to pay two hundred shillings for his concert.
He posted,
“Kesho saa mbili tukutane Continental Mlolongo. Kiingilio ni mia mbili. Usikose, kuja tuburidike.
“[Let’s meet at Continental in Mlolongo tomorrow at 8:00 pm. The entry fee will be Sh200. Come we have fun together],”

Stevo’s fans commended him for making such a comeback despite cancelling his contract with the management.
Other fans were not comfortable with Simple Boy’s rate card. They expressed the opinion that Stivo Simple Boy’s value surpassed the two hundred shillings and suggested that he set a higher price for the event.

Stevo Simple Boy added,
“Tusherehekee pamoja na mambo ikue bravo bravo yani welo welo yaani freshi barida. Mimi Stevo Simple Boy ntakua nikifanya makekez na majamboz. Au sio nawapenda sana mwaah,”
Some of the fans who commented on his latest announcement on social media said,

scott Walter Yeah Stivo Simple Boy1… Wishing you well in your makekes na majamboz.

bugo real life 200 mbona bro..this is too low of you…pandihsa bna your game is topnotch.
Mëlvïñ Çôrñël Nime comment wa kwanza…my comment is mwaah and Bravo Bravo….kama unataka majambos scroll down.

stace860 Surely aki wewe unatosha 200.
Trisha rayz Nko apo pap! Just a working distance… More love kesho lazma nipige Pic na ww.

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