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Sonko Reveals How Conjestina Got Angry for Being Put on Bus instead of Aeroplane


Mike Sonko has finally come out to clear his name after news of female boxer Conjestina Achieng’ went viral. Three days ago, sports journalist Carol Radull highlighted Conejstina’s situation after she visited her at their home in Gem Yala in Siaya.

Radull found Conjestina in a bad situation after she allegedly went back to using drugs and taking alcohol. This is so despite the efforts made by Mike Sonko to rehabilitate and treat her.

This story by Radull ignited reactions from Kenyans who sought to know why treatment that was funded by Sonko did not help the boxer who is now back to her sad state of drugs. Some Kenyans accused Sonko of using the case just for cheap public relations. This made Sonko to come out and give details of what transpired.

In a series of voice notes, it has been revealed that the family had requested Sonko to let Conjestina go back home in Yala so as to be taken to a Ugandan preacher Prophet Kakande. This did not sit well with Sonko but he still gave in to the demands and let Conjestina to leave Mombasa.

Also from the voice notes, it has been revealed that Conjestina did not like the fact that she was put on a bus from Mombasa to Nairobi instead of being put on a flight. Sonko explain that the flights were already full and only one space was left which he used so as to catch up with court session. This prompted him to put Conjestina on the bus.

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