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Socialite Shakilla And Lavalava’s Intimate Video Goes Viral


A recently surfaced video on social media featuring Kenyan socialite Shakilla and Tanzanian bongo artist Lava Lava has caused a significant commotion. The leaked video depicts Lava Lava fast asleep while Shakilla, who is awake, records the clip. Shakilla has responded to the video, expressing her shock at its emergence and vehemently denying any involvement in its release.

Shakilla clarified that the video was recorded more than two years ago using someone else’s phone, emphasizing that she should not be held accountable for its leakage. She made it explicitly clear that she would not entertain any further inquiries about the video, as she did not personally share it and distanced herself from any responsibility regarding its circulation.

Furthermore, Shakilla clarified that she has not maintained any form of communication with the musician and has not seen or spoken to him in over a year. She stated, “There’s a video circulating online with me and the named person in the video. I would like to let it be known I am as surprised to see the video, as this was taken over 2 years ago with the 3rd party’s phone, whom I have not spoken to or seen in over a year. I am not going back and forth or answering any questions about this video as I am not responsible for posting or having any engagements with the 3rd party involved.”

In a 2022 interview with Eve Mungai, Shakilla previously revealed that she was dating multiple men and enjoyed different benefits from each of them. She expressed her lack of concern about societal judgment, emphasizing that it brought her happiness. “I don’t date one man; I’m in a relationship with multiple guys. It’s normal, just like dating one man,” Shakilla stated. She posed the question, “If one guy makes you happy, imagine 10 guys?”

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