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Sleepy David Biography, Career, Education, Facts, Fiance, Show


Sleepy David genuine name is David. Sleepy is a Churchill show entertainer and has been one of the most loved because of his silliness. Here is sleepy’s life story, age, compensation, clan, contacts, CV, spouse, sweetheart, training foundation and quite a lot more


He joined Kenyatta University to study Theater Arts and Film Technology.

Sleepy: I appreciated all the units I did because I love film and arts, so finding a workable pace about the field was a great deal of fun. I hated History of Film, however, which we did in my first year. The language and degree were a lot for me.


He was reputed to date Papa shirandula’s Awinja

Comic Sleepy David admits that his better half left him for Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza – He says the young lady succumbed to the vocalist when he presented him in a club. Bien affirmed this yet said he didn’t go with the young lady as Sleepy is his kid.

Mainstream entertainer Sleepy David has uncovered that his better half left him for Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Baraza. Sleepy described how he had taken the young lady to a club where they met the women’s preferred man and his better half in a flash succumbed to him. It appears to be Sleepy had made a significant bumble when he acquainted Bien with the young lady as a companion.

Be that as it may, the humorist didn’t see anything coming until when the Sauti Sol band was going to leave the spot. Bien approached the humorist’s table to state a bye. At that point, his better half went gaga. She left him and followed Bien outside. Sleepy couldn’t accept his eyes. He needed to yell out why the woman was dumping him for the vocalist.


He acquires well as Churchill show comic near 70-100k every month. He additionally does adverts for different organizations which pay him truly well

Sleepy David: Has there been a point in your vocation when you’ve thought you’ve made it?

Answer: Never. There was a period I thought lease was my solitary issue. At the point when I was at long last ready to serenely pay it, I required a vehicle. I purchased my first vehicle at 21. That was truly amazing; I ought to have considered it to be “showing up”. However, at that point, I required more. I’m constantly anxious for additional. As per my director, I’ve not misused even 10 percent of my latent capacity.


he was brought up in the open country and it was stunning. he preferred getting filthy and going swimming in the waterway and getting rebuffed by the toughest mother of all.

For what reason did you decide to do a parody? – I didn’t decide to do a parody, it picked me. It is like a calling. It dislikes I woke up one day and concluded that I will be an entertainer. I began doing productions when I was youthful, from the chapel to class. I have constantly done satire. I’m despite everything making individuals snicker and I’m not stopping.

How could you meet Churchill sleepy David? – I initially met him as a fan and took an image with him. In the wake of performing twice at Churchill Raw, he called me one day and told me to continue doing what I was doing because individuals adored me. From the outset, I didn’t understand what he was discussing and I simply continued shaking my head in understanding. He later acquainted me with his show as an understudy from KU, and here I am currently. I was scared by him

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Why did you venture into mobile phone games?

My brand stands for entertainment and I’m all about entertaining people, meaning I should keep venturing into genres that will represent my brand out there. In “Keep Sleepy Awake”, fans get to see some of my comic twists as well.

Is monetary gain at the back of your mind when you venture into something like this? You have to earn a living, after all.

It’s not just about me, there’s a whole team behind me — a camera person, people who run my social media pages, some in production, my manager, and I run an entertainment company. So yes, and that’s why we charge 50 cents to play the game.

Was the game something you had in mind for long or was it a spur-of-the-moment decision?

I’m entrepreneurial, the idea came to me while at a friend’s place for rehearsals. We got tired and went to Play Station to relax. Afterward, we had to queue to pay. Then it hit me, why not come up with something that people won’t have to queue for, yet they can still compete with their friends in any part of the country? These days virtually everyone is on the phone, constantly tapping and scrolling. Why not offer some entertainment as well to go with the scrolling?

Are you the first comedian to have a mobile game?

I am the first such entertainer in Kenya; no local musician or deejay has done it before. I feel like a Mau Mau fighter in this (laughs).

Did you know what to do with the idea when it clicked?

I was scared of telling anyone because I thought someone would steal the idea. It has happened to me before. I’ve had great ideas only to see them quickly rehashed out there, it’s just that you can’t tell someone, “So and so stole my idea”. Who will believe you? It has happened to many young people; you walk into someone’s office with a fantastic idea and they steal it because they have the finances. There’s a time my team thought I was secretly selling our ideas.

Kevin Hart references have been made regarding you lately. What is that about?

It was a prank we pulled with media personality Sheila Mwanyigha at Carnivore Restaurant, Nairobi, during the recent Laugh Festival to fool guys that he was around. And it worked because people got excited. But I was the one who showed up on stage.

What do you like about Kevin Hart?

Absolutely everything — he’s funny and hardworking, he’s just incredible. Plus, I love his lifestyle.

And the fact that you’re of almost equal height?

(Laughs) It has nothing to do with height; I’m still growing tall, so…

Sleepy David
Sleepy David

What projects have you lined up?

We want to do a university comedy tour. I got exposed to comedy while at university and I believe there are other talented people in school. It will be a talent search dubbed “The All-Star Comedy Tour”. It will include all my funny friends.

How are your weekends like when not working?

I love to just chill out and watch movies; it’s family time also. My younger brother makes me laugh all the time, he does speak word. Sometimes I wish we could do a reality show because it’s hilarious in our house.

What’s your real name?


David who?

David Sleepy.

Come on

I lost my ID.

Okay, you’re always in blue or purple suits, what’s your favorite color?


What’s your worst stage experience?

When I was starting, I was invited to perform somewhere and most of the audience was drunk. It was my worst performance because they couldn’t get the jokes and they called us “Churchill Wadogo”. They heckled us and said they wanted to listen to music instead, not to people talking. Some even said, ‘Go talk in church’.

What did you study at university?

Theatre arts and film technology; I used to study engineering but I dropped it.

Has there been a point in your career when you’ve thought you’ve made it?

Never. There was a time I thought the rent was my only problem. When I was finally able to comfortably pay it, I needed a car. I bought my first car at 21. That was pretty impressive; I should have seen it as “arriving”. But then I needed more. I’m always thirsty for more. According to my manager, I’ve not exploited even 10 percent of my potential.

What is the big picture for you?

The ultimate thing would be a comedy concert, and not just in Nairobi but across the world.

What is the difference between performing in Nairobi and any other town?

The audience is different; the way you harness laughter is different. Sometimes you will get a sharp audience and sometimes you won’t. And the lifestyles are different, too. Life in Nairobi is different from that in Kisii. If you can relate to life in Kisii, they will laugh harder as opposed to cracking jokes about Nairobi’s livelihood.

Are you dating?

No, I’m dating comedy right now; it’s my first love. I don’t have a girlfriend yet.

Is comedy just for you?

I love to inspire young people as well, to tell them that it’s possible to make it in Kenya, to achieve their dreams. If it has happened to me, it can happen to anyone. It’s all about making that first step and believing in yourself. People will then believe in you and trust you.

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