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Sleeping competition enters 20 days as contesters seek to get the laziest person


In a strange yearly contest conducted in a northern Montenegrin vacation resort, seven individuals compete for the title of “Laziest Citizen.” This humorous event became well-known for debunking the misconception that Montenegrins are fundamentally lethargic.

Last year’s champion, Dubravka Aksic, who established a record with a 117-hour lying down binge, competed with six others this year. As the tournament entered its 20th day, the tenacious competitors showed no indications of giving up.

The festival began 12 years ago as a humorous effort to lampoon the pervasive stereotype that Montenegrins are innately lazy, according to Radonja Blagojevic, the organizer and resort owner. The rules of the tournament are straightforward: players must stay prone on mats at all times, with any deviation—such as standing or sitting—resulting in automatic disqualification. They are, however, permitted to take brief restroom breaks every eight hours.

The surviving contenders, initially 21 in total, have accumulated 463 hours of horizontal rest. Surprisingly, individuals may engage in leisure activities such as reading and utilizing technological devices, preventing boredom from dampening their excitement.

Filip Knezevic, a 23-year-old immigrant from Mojkovac, expressed confidence in winning the $1,000 award. He emphasized the camaraderie among participants and the fascinating ambiance, underlining how quickly time goes in their unusual activity. This tournament is a fun opportunity to challenge prejudices and create friendship while also producing unhurried history.

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