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Size8 Reborn Biography, Age, Husband, Family, Education

Size8 Reborn

Linet Masiro Munyali (born 4 August 1987), professionally known as Size8 Reborn, is a Kenyan singer, songwriter, and actress. Formerly a secular artist, Size 8 is known for her singles “Shamba Boy” and “Moto.” In April 2013, she confirmed that she was born again by releasing her first and critically acclaimed gospel single “Mateke.” As an actress, she is most notable for portraying a role in legal comedy Mashtaka.

Early life and education

Born on 4 August 1987, Linet Masiro Munyali was raised in Maringo Estate in Nairobi. She is the sixth born of six other siblings to Samuel Kirui Munyali, a Ugandan and Esther Njeri, a Kenyan, both members of the clergy. She attended Dr.Livingstone Primary School, where she topped in her class in the KCPE. In her high school, she got a scholarship in State House Girls.

Size 8 Family

She is the six born in a family of six. Father: Samuel Kirui Munyali (Ugandan)

Mother: Esther Njeri (Kenyan). She died of Kidney related illness, a day after she gave birth to her first daughter. They are both God-fearing and members of the church

Size 8 Musical Career

Size 8 was discovered by Clemo, a Kenyan producer and co-founder of Calif Records, when she auditioned locally and later signed on the Record label. She released “Shamba Boy,” “Silali,” and “Vidonge.”

As of April 2013, she confirmed to have crossed over to the gospel music industry, having been born again and subsequently releasing her first single “Mateke.” She has released others like “Moto,” “Yuko na Wewe,” “Jemedari,” “Afadhali Yesu,” and most recently, “Pale Pale.”

Size 8 Marriage,  Dj Mo Husband Child

Size 8 is married to Samwel Muraya, commonly known as DJ Mo, a disc jockey in September 2013.

Dj Mo describes that he met Size 8 a few years ago through a friend. They became good friends, and he has mentored her in matters of salvation. “She’s an exceptional person, and I remember even when she sang secular music; she always had this immense desire to be born again. She kept telling me that she loved God so much and that she wanted someone to help bring her closer to God. I become that person!”

Mo revealed that he dated Size8 for a year before deciding to settle down with her. He also talks about how inspiring she has been to him by challenging him to work even smarter.

The couple has a daughter named Ladasha Belle Muraya, born on 19 November 2015. She is three years as of 2019.

Size8 reborn Husband
Size8 Husband and Daughter

Size 8 Reveals the Most Annoying Husband Habit

She recently opened up in an interview about what she hates most about her husband, DJ Mo. The singer confessed that her hubby has a bad habit of leaving things around in the house and later asking where they are

Recently, the gospel singer revealed this while speaking to Kiss 100 FM in an interview, sharing some of the bad habits that his husband DJ Mo has that make her want to pull off her hair.

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Linet Munyali Confession

“There was a time even getting sanitary pads was a problem,” the singer once said in an interview.
“Growing up, we slept many hungry nights, and I was chased out of school severally. “For me, cars and fame don’t matter that much. Just having food, water, and being able to pay school fees for many kids is what I thank God for.”

Size 8 Pregnant, expecting a second child

Size 8 is currently pregnant and is expecting another child, and this was revealed after size 8 posted a picture on Instagram, which clearly shows the baby bump.

The post went with the caption;  And to God be the glory!!!!! Thus far I can testify of His grace, His faithfulness, His mercy, and love for me and my unborn baby……. though we ‘ve walked thru the valley of the shadow of death God has been our protection our cover, thru tears and thru pain, God has covered us under His mighty wing!!!! And I did not lose this pregnancy!!!! Soon and very soon, I will hold my baby in my hands because this far, God has fought for us!!!!! The journey this far has not been easy full of hurdles, but His grace has been our strength!!! To all believing God for a child, please don’t give up, no matter what medical reports say. HE WHO HAS KEPT ME AND MY BABY THIS FAR IS FAITHFUL even in the darkest hour keep the faith!!!!!!!! Close family and friends know the complications that I’ve gone thru while carrying this baby yani this is a miracle!!!! Tears of thanksgiving run down my chics as I post this, knowing that only God has made it possible……….. BEHOLD SEE THE MIGHTY HAND OF YAHWEH!!!!!

Size 8 Reborn
size8 reborn pregnant

Linet Munyali – Size 8 AWARDS

Groove awards– Video of the Year – Mateke (2014)
Groove awards- Female artist of the Year (2014)
Groove awards– Song of the Year – Mateke (2014)

Size 8 – Linet Munyali Interview.

In just three years you have moved from near zero to being a millionaire, how did that happen?
Even I still don’t believe that. It’s God’s work and hard work put together.

How much are you worth right now?
I don’t know yet, and I have never calculated it.

Okay, last year was your best. You had a Safaricom Live contract, you hosted Sakata dance show, had several TV commercials, acted in ‘Mheshimiwa’ TV series, and your music was blazing the airwaves.
That was all planned by the way. I wanted to be the first Kenyan musician to be on TV at the same time the most. You switch on your TV and find a ‘Bonyeza Ushinde’ advert I have done, then my music plays in a music show, then see me acting and host a show on different occasions, and it was lovely seeing that work very well.

I guess all that translated into cash. How much money did you make last year?
If I’m to calculate for six months, only up to December, I made about Sh7 million.

What have you done with that kind of money?
Investments here and there, 10 percent as a tithe, and I’m about to start a children’s home with a friend Eddy Gicheru Oketch, in Nyanza.

At what point did you start getting that kind of money?
When I made a decision to raise my performance fee, I used to charge very little cash to perform, but when I realized how powerful I was as a musician, I decided to take advantage of that.

Who or what do you owe your success to?
Other than God, there is Clemmo of Calif records, who gave me a platform to record music when I was zero. I also work hard and appreciate everyone who supports me and my music, especially my family.

I thought you fell out with Calif, and you excelled?
Yes, Calif management team, but not Clemmo to be specific. He is still an excellent friend.

Sometimes you dress very skimpily while on stage, is your family okay with that?
Funny, my mother watches almost all my performances and videos on TV. She is my most prominent critic. She doesn’t mind me wearing miniskirts or dresses, but when one looks terrible, she always points it out.

It’s campaign season, why haven’t you endorsed any political party like many of your peers?
Because I want peace in this country, politics, and politicians come and go, but without peace, the common mwananchi will suffer, and Kenyans have seen that happen before.

Politicians are already luring musicians with lucrative deals as long as they endorse and perform in their campaigns. Don’t you think you are losing out?
The same politicians from different camps have called me too. I have declined all their offers, and it’s the choice I have made. I have given all presidential candidates one condition that I will appear in all their rallies if they promise to preach peace with me on stage.

Each and every candidate?
Yes, without choosing sides, each and every presidential candidate.

What’s your opinion on those artistes who have already endorsed politicians and their parties?
I can’t judge them because every person has their own reason for doing what they do. But I would tell them one thing, while there, please preach peace.
We have seen international musicians like Jay-Z and Beyonce endorse a presidential candidate like Obama. What do you say about that?
America’s politics is more mature compared to Kenya’s. Here, we chose tribes, not development.

Why are you so obsessed with this peace issue? And what is peace, according to you?
To begin with, peace is like this fertile land for growth, one that can make the impossible be possible. I was affected during the 2007-2008 post-poll violence when I lost friends and lived in fear every day. I don’t want to experience a repeat of that.

So what exactly are you doing about it?
I am working with like-minded people and organizations. I have been trying to voluntarily get to the grassroots and recruit several peace ambassadors across the country.

How does that work?
The peace ambassadors will preach peace within their communities and stop any form of violence or unrest that might mar the country, especially during these sensitive election times.

Are you doing it on your own, or there are people assisting you?
I am trying to mobilize several musicians and other showbiz stakeholders to join my initiative

Size8 Reborn Photo
Size8 Reborn

Gospel singer Size 8 denies fresh rumors that husband DJ Mo is unfaithful

Gospel singer Size 8 has come out to viciously refute claims that her husband DJ Mo is having an affair. The transformed artist was forced to clear the air following rumors that her seemingly perfect marriage was on the rocks despite being kept away from the public eye in recent months.

While speaking in an interview on Radio Jambo on Thursday, February 21, Size 8 clarified that the rumors were just that. “It’s not true. My husband has never stepped out of our marriage. Those are just rumors from people,” she explained. Since turning a new leaf, Size 8’s journey has not been a smooth one as she has been continuously on the radar of curious fans online. Her marriage to DJ Mo has, as a result, been tested severally by vicious critics who always have a flaw or two to point out.

At one point, there was quite the laughable rumor that renown DJ Pierra Makena’s daughter, Ricca, was fathered by none other than DJ Mo. This was because of the exciting resemblance Ricca bore with the DJ and Size 8’s child Ladasha, although time and growth of the children have eventually taken away the strikingly similar features between the two. Then came a time when DJ Mo’s on-screen chemistry with his female co-host for a gospel show, Grace Ekirapa, left the Instagram ‘in-laws’ once again questioning Ladasha’s dad.

The Holy Holy singer also addressed her sensational move to the gospel scene in 2012 – the same year she got married to DJ Mo. Despite ‘seeing the light,’ Size 8 admitted she never saw herself as the evangelistic type as she consistently told herself she was the queen of sin. Add that to the fact that going gospel meant risking her entire fanbase who had already become accustomed to her raunchy way of life

Size8 Songs

  1. I can’t Imagine
  2. Moto
  3. Hallelujah
  4. Mwambie
  5. Yuko na wewe
  6. Jemedari
  7. Mateke
  8. Afadhali Yesu
  9. Pale Pale

Size8 Contacts

Instagram: Size8 Reborn

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