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Six best crush and spinning games in Kenya


The hard economic times that Kenyans are going through has made them to look for other ways of making quick and exra money to help in sorting out their financial needs. This has given rise to many of them resorting to online games that can win them money. These are forms of gambling and betting which might be a bit hard or rather unsafe. It is therefore necessary to find out the best games that can earn you money without scamming you.

Here are some of the crush games and spinning games that you can try ou;


Pakakumi is a social online betting game which operates on real time. It is simple and users are able to play exciting games and win cash.

How to join;

  • To Join Pakakumi, https://play.pakakumi.com/
  • Fill in Your Details (Mobile Number)
  • Enter Your Username
  • Enter your Password
  • Then click Join Pakakumi your PakaKumi registration will be successful.
  • Enter your Bet Amount and click BET.
  • You can optionally enter an Auto Cashout value to let the system cash out for you automatically when your amount has multiplied a certain number of times.
  • Once the graph starts rising, click on Cashout to cash out manually.
  • By cashing out, you win your stake multiplied by that multiplier.
  • If the graph busts before you cash out, you lose.


You may join Pakamia for free by simply following the instructions below;

Access the Pakamia page by clicking this link. https://www.djvincey.co.ke/2023/04/06/pakamia-ke-download-pakamia-the-new-app-making-kenyans-millions/

When the page you requested via the aforementioned URL is displayed to you, select “Sign Up” in the upper right corner.

You will be taken to a screen where you must input your information, including your phone number, nickname, and password, after selecting “Sign Up.”

Enter the information above in the available slots.

To submit, confirm the information you provided is accurate and click the create account button.

You will receive an SMS at the phone number you provided after submitting the form to let you know that your account has been successfully created and is now available for usage.


As you create your account Remember

The phone number you provided when registering will always be used as your account for deposits and withdrawals, hence it is advised to use a Safaricom registered phone number.

-When you need to access your account, choose a password that is simple for you to remember.

How to make a deposit

You must make a deposit in order to play the Pakamia game once your account has been properly created.

Two alternatives exist for deposits.

Online payment

To make an online deposit, sign into your account, select “Wallet,” and then “Deposit.” A box will appear for you to input the amount you wish to deposit.

When you click the top-up button after inputting the amount you desire to deposit, an SMS pop-up will appear on your phone asking you to enter your Mpesa pin in order to complete the deposit.

You’ll be able to play your games whenever you have a suitable amount on your Mpesa account, at which point the money will be successfully credited to your account.

Automatic Deposit

Follow these procedures to make a manual deposit.

On your phone, navigate to Mpesa and select Lipa na Mpesa pay bill.
Put Pakamia pay bill 853999 in the box.
As your account number, provide the phone number you registered with.
Enter your Mpesa pin and the amount you’d want to deposit. See also PAKAKUMI.


When you have enough money in your account, go to the wallet and select to withdraw. The minimum withdrawal value is Ksh 100, and the maximum withdrawal amount is Ksh 300,00, which represents the entire daily maximum transaction.


There will be fees for withdrawals.

How Pakamia functions

Pakamia is a crash game that multiplies your bet, giving you the chance to increase your wealth quickly. It runs in rising graph mode, which interprets an upward trend as odd.

The odd reaches a point and then stops increasing along the graph.

For example, if your bet was Ksh 100 and you cashed out at an odd of 100, you would have made a total of Ksh 10,000 in less than a minute, but if the graph expires before you cash out, you would have lost. In order to win, you must cash out your bet before the odd expires, where your bet amount will be multiplied by the odd at which you cashed out.

On Pakamia, you have two choices for games.

manual gameYou put your wager here, watch the graph as it increases, and pay out before the bet expires.

Autoplay Under out play, you put your wager, pick an odd, and wait for the algorithm to automatically cash you out if the graph hits your selected odd. You’ll lose if the graph doesn’t intersect with your odds.

Customer care

You may always phone or send a WhatsApp message to Pakamia at the following number if you have any issues while using the service.

There are other forms of crash games that work in similar ways as KAKAKUMI or Pakamia. These apps are as follows and one needs to know that they are all forms of gambling,





7. JetX.ke

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