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Simba Arati Biography, Age, Politics, Wife, Education

Simba Arati

Simba Arati Biography

Simba Arati was born on 28th November 1981. He is a Kenyan politician and a Member of Parliament (MP) representing Dagoretti North constituency in Nairobi county. He is a member of the Orange Democratic Movement and a coalition member of Coalition for Reforms and Democracy.

Simba Arati Age

Simba Arati was born on 28th November 1981. He is 37 years as of 2019

 Simba Arati Education Background

  1. Started 2015: Graduate Student of Jaramogi_Oginga_Odinga, Masters International Relations
  2. 2004 – 2006: Undergraduate Student of Guangzhou_University, Business Management
  3. 2001 – 2003 of Kenya Polytechnic: Student, Diploma in Tourism Management
  4. 1996 – 1999: Secondary School Student of Suneka High School, Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)

 Simba Arati Political Positions

Current Political Positions

  1. From  10th March 2013: Member of Parliament for Dagore000tti North Constituency
  2. From 16th February 2013: Coalition Member of Coalition for Reforms & Democracy
  3. From 15th February 2013: Member of Orange Democratic Movement

Previous Political Positions

  1. From 15th February 2013 – 4th March 2013: Aspirant Member of Parliament for Dagoretti North Constituency
  2. From 2008 – 2012: Councillor, City Council of Nairobi

Simba Arati Job History

From 2004 – 2007:  Managing Director at Aipa Safaris Limited

Committee Memberships

From 2013: Member of Departmental Committee on Agriculture, Livestock, and Co-operatives

Chairperson, General Purpose Committee

Simba Arati Family

He is married and a father of two children.

Simba Arati Achievement

On June 9, 2013, he launched a ‘Kata Sukuma’  Competition through his Simba Arati Foundation in his constituency. Around 263 people took part in the competition for the fastest sukuma wiki cutter in which the winner received an Sh25,000 cash prize. He said he was using the competition to remind people that even small things and businesses like sukuma wiki can one day make them great and rich.

Simba Arati Controversies

Simba Arati thinks he can now replace former Prime Minister Raila Odinga as a party leader. He said he would be taking on Raila and let the delegates choose. He says he has been called a Jubilee mole, and some people say he has been planted there by Raila himself, but he rubbished the claims and said he hadn’t talked to Raila or even consulted him in 2014. He posed the question, ‘How can I consult someone I want to dislodge from a position?’ He noted that by offering his candidature, he was exercising his democratic right. “There is this phobia about saying or doing anything against Raila. You only need to be making sense. Otherwise, we are breeding dictatorship in the party,” he said.

He was accused of intending to grab the Jacaranda Workshop, a source of income of its kind in Kenya for the mentally ill.

He was once bitten by Bahati MP Hon. Kimani Ngunjiri, during violence that ensured in Parliament during the debate on the controversial security bill. Jubilee MPs were desperate to pass the draconian anti-terror security Bill that could enable the president to appoint the inspector general of the police of his choice and detain his political critics.

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From a vegetable vendor to MP: The untold story of Simba Arati

Considered as one of the possible heirs of Raila Odinga, Dagoretti North Simba Arati’s achievements in the political area may not be dismissed those who regard history.

Born in 1981 in the present day, Kisii County, Arati sat for KCSE in 1999 at Suneka High School before proceeding to Kenya Polytechnic for Diploma in Tourism in 2001.

Upon completion of Diploma, Arati joined Guangzhou University in which he took Business Management until 2006.

He is a graduate at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University, where he is pursued Masters in International Relations.

In between his life in Kenya polytechnic, Arati served as a vegetable vendor within the Kawangware area of Nairobi.

After studies in China, he reverted back to his own business of selling vegetables, a job which helped him develop a stable political network.

The Orange Democratic Movement would later nominate his to City Hall as nominated Councillor in the old setup.

Keen to take his politics to a higher level, Arati could later clinch Dagoretti North seat through ODM and successfully defend it in 2017.

Arati would be installed as Gusii spokesman at a function scheduled at Kisii Town.

Simba Arati Wife News

Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati has, for the first time, produced his Chinese wife to the public after a section of Gusii leadership dismissed him as an ‘immature boy.’

Last month, Arati was installed as Kisii spokesperson in a function that was skipped by a host of local leaders, with some accusing him of plotting to succeed Kisii Governor James Ongwae.

But in a series of counter-rallies across Kisii and Nyamira Counties this weekend, the second term legislator was seen in every function with his wife, who rarely attends public functions.

Barely a month after his installation, dissenting voices now wants Kisii senator Sam Ongeri of Interior CS Fred Matiang’ i take over as the community’s spokesman.

“I don’t fight small wars. I have always believed in going for big things, including the presidency,” said Arati.

He further said: “I am not a boy. I am a family man and have several children I take care of. Those hiding in non-issues will be shocked.”

Pundits say Arati could be positioning himself for a debut in Gusii politics after almost a decade in murky Nairobi politics, a claim he has vehemently denied before.

Traditionally, a family has played a crucial role in clinching elective positions within the patriarchal Gusii territory, and Arati’s decision could have been guided by the narrative, which has often been keenly observed.

Simba Arati Wife
Simba Arati Wife

Simba Arati Interview

Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri once bit you in Parliament. What was that about?

We were discussing the Security Laws (Amendment) Bill, and a scuffle ensued. He held me by my necktie, but I responded with a left uppercut.

He opened his mouth just as I unleashed another blow, and my fist went right through into his mouth. That is when he bit my hand. All that is behind us now, though, and we do talk.

Matiang’ i ordered the revocation of your firearm license, passport and withdrew your security detail…

My elder brother Matiangi shouldn’t let Jubilee use him. He should just follow the law.  As the Gusii community, we want to protect the potential we have seen in him.

After Jubilee, he will still have a life, and his legacy will be based on how he executed his mandate, not how he failed to follow the law to please the government.

What do you think of Wetangula, Mudavadi, and Kalonzo’s absence at the swearing-in of Raila Odinga?

Those are cowards. I want to tell them to their faces that they are cowards. They should stop giving useless excuses. They are cowards!

Have they lost the opportunity to inherit Raila’s constituency?

Inherit what? Kwani, where is Raila going? Anyway, I don’t know. I have seen Baba has tried to redeem their image, but my advice to Baba would be to be cautious and stick with people who can sacrifice their comforts.

I gather that Prof Anyang Nyong’o has been your mentor. You and Nyong’o, isn’t that such an odd combination?

When I was young, we were told in school that Prof Nyong’o had seven degrees, and I wanted to be like him.

So far, I haven’t succeeded. I am planning to start my Ph.D.  I love Nyong’o because of his academic record. He is an astute intellectual.

You won the Dagoretti North seat when you were just 29 years old. How did you fund your entry into politics at such a young age?

The people saw something in me and supported me. I come from an impoverished family. My father was fired from the police service because he refused to enforce illegal orders.

We grew up so poor because my father was an honest man. I have taken that trait from him.

So, even if you come across people’s eating’ Eurobond cash, you wouldn’t salivate?

I have never illegally taken a shilling that belongs to the taxpayer. I am the type of man who can’t be corrupted. Why this urge for the primitive acquisition of wealth? To what end? My wealth is in helping the people.

That’s where my riches lie. When I was a councilor, I sat on the General Purpose Committee, which was handling all assets of the city. Had I wanted to, I would be a billionaire by now.

Then where do you get the money? Politics is an expensive affair…

I have small businesses that I run. That’s how I earn my keep. I am a severe hustler. As Nairobi MPs, we don’t receive a coin for mileage. It’s expensive, my brother.

How much do you spend in a day?

Being an MP is an expensive affair. I try to build capacity, not just give out money. You can even spend Sh100,000 in a day, especially on weekends because of funerals and bills. It’s hard. It’s very hard. And the people who come for help are in dire need.

Some Gusii elders are unhappy with you being installed as the Abagusii spokesman…

I have no issues with Kisii elders. As young people, we are not fighting for space with them. The only thing I can bring is a generational change. They have nothing to fear. They are our leaders, and we respect them.

When we need advice, we’ll always consult them. But it’s time for young people now. The issues of being a spokesperson for the community didn’t come from me. I was approached… and who am I to say no? The voice of the people is the voice of God, and I can’t disobey God.

You are known within Nasa as a competent party mobilizer. Is mobilization expensive?

I have never spent a shilling on mobilization.  When there is a Jubilee event, I see chiefs and DOs being given money and buses to ferry people. After the event, you find Jubilee supporters demanding payment or stranded because someone has disappeared with the loot!

In Nasa, our supporters walk and sacrifice. We fill stadiums without giving people money. That’s what leadership is about. Our people believe in us. Jubilee has to hire crowds. We don’t.

As an ODM MP, what, in your view, is wrong with the Jubilee government?

They have made life difficult and expensive for Kenyans. Uhuru has surrounded himself with his kinsmen, and that’s why he can’t see far.

He should remember his family has invested so much in this country, and if we were to lose Kenya, it’s his family that will be the biggest losers. Uhuru should not think the rest of us are second class citizens.

A crony of his had the audacity to say opposition supporters have no stake in the economy, yet we pay taxes.

Will Deputy President Ruto win in 2022?

I will tell you for free. Ruto won’t be president in 2022.

What do you make of Jubilee’s beef with Chief Justice Maraga?

The Judiciary is under attack, and Maraga is the target. But touching Maraga will be the worst mistake they will ever make. Kenyans will rise to protect the Constitution.

Unlike other politicians, your wife is always around you. Why is that?

She helps me. I have never cheated on her. Handling one woman is difficult enough, so why should I get more? I don’t entertain slay queens or funny women, my brother.

Sometimes they throw themselves at me, but I politely decline their advances because, for someone who holds public office, they can be easily used to bring you down.

Will you run for the city government in 2022?

People have approached me about running for governor in 2022. But that’s just a plan. I haven’t committed yet. Currently, what matters is that I am the MP for Dagoretti North.

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Simba Arati Wants Politics Off His Asian Wife

Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati, in an interview at Milele FM, admitted that it is indeed a fact that he married from Asia, giving credit to the rumor that his wife was Chinese.

Arati started that his Asian wife had nothing to do with his leadership both at the local level and in Nairobi, where he is eyeing taking over City Hall after Governor Mike Sonko in 2022.

“I married from Asia, but these are private family matters. Whether my wife is from Thailand, China, Europe, or wherever, it has not affected my ability to lead and deliver for the people. Obama’s father was a Kenyan, and that did not stop him from being the US President,” stated Arati.

MP Simba Arati unleashing goons on Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa causes an uproar

A video of Kimilili Member of Parliament being clobbered by angry youth in Kibra has created confusion on social media. The MP was speaking to his Dagoretti North colleague Simba Arati when the latter ordered goons to chase him away.

The vocal lawmaker was cornered by goons in Kibra constituency on Thursday, November 7, at the DC grounds moments after his arrival to monitor elections in the Nairobi city slum. The youths were captured on camera pushing and removing the MP’s signature red cap due to his association with Deputy President William Ruto.

Simba Arati Contacts

Tel: 0722255143
Email Addresssiara103@yahoo.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SimbaArati

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