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Signs of a cheating wife | How to know if your wife is cheating on you


Marriage is avery tricky thing that adults are faced to deal with. Many people end up not getting married due to challanges associated with it. One of the main problemsin marriage is dealing with a cheating partner. This will demoralize the other to a point of losing interest in marriage. Here are some of the signs to watch out for to tell if your wife is cheating on you;




  • Taking long time away from home

A cheating wife will spend a lot of timeaway from home probably being with their side partners. This will happen in a repeated mode without any clear explanations or always excuses of being with friends. Late nights are also red flags one should be very worried about.







  • Inconsistent Communication

A cheating partner will always show signs of inconsistency in communication. They will be on and off with their feelings where sometimes they would be emotionally available and that can change within no time.






  • Too much secretive

Your wife will tend to be somehow secretive and not willing to share her daily activities with you. She will also be avoiding your questions and keeping her phone away from you. These are indications that she might be a player.





  • Open flirting

A cheating wife will openly flirt with other men even in the presence of her husband. This will mean lack of respect and bundaries in the relationship and the lady may just be looking for reasons to end the marriage.





  • Emotionally unavailable

A cheating wife will tend to be emotionally unavailable and will avoid personal questions. She will also not be having emotions and feelings to have intimacy with you.

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