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Show Us The Benefits Of President Ruto’s Multiple Visits, Kenyans On The Internet Tell Senator Cherargei


KENYANS on the internet have asked Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei to list the benefits that President William Ruto has brought after his visits abroad.

This is after a newspaper in this country published a list of countries that President Ruto has visited one year after assuming the reins while comparing them with the previous presidents. The statement raised mixed feelings, with Senator Cherargei, for example, being very angry with the statement and claiming that the country has improved due to President Ruto’s visits.

However, Kenyans questioned the senator’s report while asking him to list at least a few benefits that Kenyans have received after the visits.

They said;”Those are just holidays. There is no benefit for Kenyans,” wrote Joseph Njoroge.”Why does it turn on then?” asked Isaac Otwona.”Educate us,” said Ubo Galugalu.”Senator, despite your victory, things may change in the next election. Be kind,” wrote James.

“Those who benefit from his visits are his relatives, relatives and close friends like you. All other Kenyans are only hurt by the high cost of living and taxation on their salaries,” said Calvoh Okinyo.

“Let’s mention three benefits alone that have come from destroying the citizen’s tax for foreign visits,” wrote Kenyan Andez. “If you knew the loss resulting from those visits, you wouldn’t shout on the internet.

Kibaki did not tour like he did and we all know what he did. You like to flatter yourself a lot. Shut up now,” said Eng Geoffrey.”He is only destroying people’s money,” wrote Abala Kinyua.”Zero benefits,” replied Wycliffe Year.

The investigations showed that retired President Uhuru Kenyatta made 13 foreign visits during his first year in office between March 2013 and March 2014 which cost the taxpayer Sh1.56 billion.

Hayati Mwai Kibaki made a total of 33 visits to foreign countries during the 10 years he led as President. In comparison, President Ruto made 11 visits from September 13, 2022, when he entered the White House to December 2022.


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