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Sex And Money Are Not Enough! Here Are The Most Crucial Pillars Of Marriage & Dating



How do you know a woman is not your type before you rush to bed to sire a kid together?. How do you even know you are your own type anyway ? The mistake many people make is failing to re-brand, re-create, to-rewind and maybe to re-establish their relationship.


I blame it on laziness and taking each other for granted. As a woman you have to look good always for your man. You have to smell nice, talk nice and cook delicious with new better techniques every day. Marriage is like a car where you have to change the oil, fill the gas tank ,change worn out tires and service every now and again. If am lying then why do you find a husband cheating on his wife who is cheating with someone else? It is simply because we forget we need to look new and fresh every other day to cop up.


This is not your mother or father who will love you regardless of whether you take a shower or not, put on your best clothes or not, broke or rich. Men are more loyal to well behaved wives who are good in bed, in the kitchen and in public gatherings.

Women love men who respect and adore them ,and most importantly proud of the kids. Did I mention men who work extra hard? I should have. There is nothing like one’s type.


We are cheats who think transferring our marital problems to other couples with their marriage problems is the norm. Tonight when you reach home, hug him or her and say to their ears. “You are better than I ever thought you were.

You are the best”

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