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See what Mama Dangote said about Zuchu before Diamond left her


Bongofleva star, Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platnumz has publicly announced that he is now single and left thousands of his fans in awe.

Diamond made the announcement on Wednesday night, a few days after his mother, Sanura Kassim popularly known as Mama Dangote was recorded saying that the WCB boss has not identified any woman as his fiancee. In a recent interview with Wasafi Media, Mama Dangote made it clear that she is not aware of any relationship between her son and her artist Zuhura Othman aka Zuchu who has long been alleged to be her lover.

“(Diamond) has never brought Zuchu to me because he wants to marry her. I first know that Zuchu is his artist,” Mama Dangote said. Diamond’s mother said she does not recognize the relationship between the singers as no steps towards marriage have been taken.

“To say that Zuchu is her fiancé I don’t know, because I have not sent a dowry to Zuchu or a letter. I know Zuchu is her artist. Every day we are with him, I don’t know, I know he is an artist. What I know of a fiancee is the one to whom you send letters and dowry.” she said.

She continued to describe his son’s relationship with Zuchu as ‘playing with each other’ while noting that it is not true.

“If someone hasn’t given a letter, it’s just walking. That’s called flirting. That (Zuchu) is not a bride, that is just a woman,” Mama Dangote said. In addition, he noted that Zuchu is not the first woman to be romantically linked to his son as he has been accused by many other women who have been seen with him in the past.

“I know the groom who brought the dowry,” she said. On Wednesday night, the musician Diamond Platnumz made it clear that he is not in a romantic relationship with any woman.

“Starting today, I would like to officially announce that I AM SINGLE, I am not dating or in a relationship with any woman,” Diamond said via Instagram.

The bongofleva star continued to plead with fans to stop naming any woman as his girlfriend, saying that he himself will be the first to announce when he is in a relationship.

“Therefore, I should not set any woman as my woman, when it happens to date or have a relationship, I will let them know or introduce them as I usually do,” he said. Diamond made the announcement through his Instagram but later deleted it.

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